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  1. Northern Zone
    5 of us went out yesterday and shot 11 4 shy of are limit we probably should of had it though
  2. Southern Zone
    Renobber and I went out tonight and had a nice shoot. 6 bird limit. Can't wait for tomorrow. Hope we get some weather.
  3. The Lodge
    Played wedding this weekend and got a wild hair this evening because of the wind a blowing and asked the kids if they wanted to go hunting with dad. For their first time experience it was a great time and they had a lot of fun shooting the daisy at the decoys and watching the ducks. One flock...
  4. The Lodge
    There are some birds around, here is proof, they might not last any longer than this weekend though. Knobby if your hunting where I think you are I want to see pics with full limits of atleast 3-4 guys from this area, should be easy to come by here.
  5. The Lodge
    The Soggy bottom Boys had a great hunt. Hundreds of geese in the air around us. Ended up shooting 11 geese, and 2 mallards. 4 of the geese were banded. Here are some pics. The Pile up. Me with the haul. The Jewelry. Firerush with his first band!!! Soggy Bottom Boy with the haul. (He...
  6. The Lodge
    Tonight while eating dinner Caleb asked me out of the blue if we could go hunt. Quick answer was YES!!!!! So, we headed out back to the hay field for a dove hunt. The birds didn't cooperate, but it really wasn't about that tonight.
1-6 of 6 Results