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  1. The Lodge
    I don't get out as much as I used to, BUSY BUSY. But the quick trips make it all worth it. Sorry bout the cell phone pics, in a hurry and left the Rebel at home.
  2. Waterfowling Stories
    In spite of limited opportunities, low water, soccer and basketball, I like to think that he had a pretty good first season as a duck hunter... ...early season, invitation from family to hunt a woodduck mecca, killed his first bird on his second shot, finished out about ten minutes later...
  3. The Lodge
    I'm sure everyone will agree its been a crappy year for duck numbers. We hunted every weekend including youth with very few ducks. BUT on a good note we finally finished up our sneak boat on time. Worked out some bugs in it, and how I'm going to make a blind for it. The boat worked awesome it...
  4. The Lodge
    well its over. good time, could of been colder and more big ducks but it is what it is! not bad but not great. 2+ man's best friend, 12 birds by 8 twenty, with plenty of missing. Come on ganders!!!!!
  5. The Lodge
    Had a good day to end the season 12 honkers and 4 bands!!! Not too bad!! What a season!!
  6. The Lodge
    What's left of the north zone geese are now safe:
  7. The Lodge
    Went out today and only was able to kill 3. Didn't see many birds and the birds I did see was headed south. Alot of migrators today. Can't complain its been a good year honker hunting!!
  8. Turkey Forum
    Got this little fella this morning. Stats: 20lbs, 3/4 inch spurs and a 10 inch beard. Not a monster but still a good strutter. We were back in the truck at 6:45. It was an insanly quick hunt due largely to the fact that we were set up in the perfect spot. Had strutter and hen combo decoys and he...
  9. Mud Motor Talk
    thinking about buying a Fat Boy and putting a 5.5 mud motor on the back. how well would that work out!?! havent ever used one before!
  10. The Lodge
    It seams like the end is closer than it should be. At harpers ferry we went out and went from pool 9 all the way down to mudhen. Several miles and only saw 15 ducks hasnt been good and im afraid that we have shotten our last ducks unless their is a big weather push. Anyone seeing much?
  11. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    I've been trying to work on my low end calling and making the train? sound. I've been listening to a lot of geese and this sound is about as real as it gets, but I can't quite seem to pull it off. If some of the better callers could let me know how to hit this sound it would be awesome Here is...
  12. The Lodge
    Wonder whatever happend to even some of the high end cars that went in for cash for clunkers There are over a hundred videos showing engines being destroyed. I think that would have fun to destroy engines espically if you could run them down a straight away.
  13. Hunting Gear
    well, after wrestling with it for a few hours, i finally got the frame out of my finisher. i knew things were bad when i replaced one of the hinges before going to canada, but i didn't think its was this bad...there was another broken hinge that i replaced, and i had to drill new holes for the...
  14. The Lodge
    So my family and I just found out yesterday that we will be buying our first house. Headed to Winterset and away from Des Moines. Now I'm going to need some help moving!! Which guys are going to volunteer a little help, don't need much but wife can't lift heavier objects. The last 3 times we...
  15. The Lodge
    I keep asking myself what will go wrong tomorrow when I climb out of bed. I have had a bad accident had a chessy in the hospital for a week. 2 weeks later still not out of the woods, Had my draft mare have allergic reation to a shot, found my saddle horse of 15yrs dead in the pasture last week...
1-15 of 15 Results