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  1. The Lodge
    Wing Supply sent out a sale email, like they always do but this one is some kind of special sale. It has over 500 items in the sale. It actually has some really useful stuff really dirt cheap. If you didn't get it and would like it, email me at [email protected] and I will forward it to you
  2. The Lodge
    E-mail from a friend He says the pic was taken from a trail cam in Park Falls WI.
  3. The Lodge
    I emailed Guy and asked if he could explain somethings about the season dates and he sent me a detailed email on why things work like they do. Here's some of the literature and he also sent some graphs. ********** With regards to closing the season the week of Christmas â€" The first...
  4. The Lodge
    I got last night and boy did I give her both barrels for being a PETA person I told her I was a PETA person too PETA=People Eating Tasty Animals and I aslo used Chucks signature There is room for all God's creatures right next to my mashed potatoes and gravy!!!!! website form‏...
  5. Conservation Forum
    DU recognizes dedication of Iowa DNR biologist Bill Ohde WAPELLO, Iowa, August 27, 2008 â€"Ducks Unlimited has named Bill Ohde its 2008 Iowa DU Professional of the Year for his outstanding dedication and commitment to waterfowl and...
  6. Gun Dog Forum
    I know some of you have pointers as well as those powerful waterdogs so thought I would share with you. The 2 male dogs are littermates out of my Lehman's Von Wreck-N Shitz and Lehman's Rugged Wrangler Vickie - I haven't emailed you in a long time ... so I thought I'd drop a quick note and...
1-7 of 11 Results