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  1. Decoy Forum I was gonna bid up to 300$ and pull the Avery fb and sell the rest, I guess beat up decoys are worth more then I was thinking. Unreal what guys will pay for used decoys!
  2. The Lodge Item # 250750809177
  3. The Lodge
    Treadlightly is a non-profit who does a lot of education about minimizing environmental impact while "recreating"... whether it by on an ATV, on a horse, or on foot. I just got an email about their latest fundraiser which has tons of auction items from that have been donated -- lots from...
  4. The Lodge
    I want to try to sell some things on ebay, but am kinda at a loss to this whole Paypal thing. If I sell something the money will go to paypal I understand, but what I don't understand is how you get that money from paypal. Also I'm not sure I understand the whole shipping thing as far as how...
  5. The Lodge
    Anyone else on here buy stuff from Ebay from time to time?? Once in awhile I can find good deals but most of the time the stuff is way over priced.
  6. The Lodge
    No need for further words the link will tell the story.. :roll: :roll: :evil: :evil: :cry...
  7. The Lodge
    I saw two auctions of a dozen avery oversize prograde goose shells on ebay. There are a bunch of calls that a store is trying to get rid of too, mostly Buck Gardner (meh..) but they were all going real cheap. admin: If this breaks some sort of rule, please just retract my post and warn me. I...
  8. Decoy Forum
    Anyone on here buy decoys off of ebay. I just got a bunch of shell goose decoys for dirt cheap, little over 20 bucks cheaper. Some stuff though is high priced but if you search and wait you can get some steals.
1-8 of 8 Results