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  1. The Lodge
    The first pictures are just the overall set up and then the next ones are About 15 minutes after starting The last one is about 2 hours after starting.........
  2. The Lodge
    Gonna put the Ice Eater out Thursday after work in preperation for the upcoming weekend. Ice Eater +30 gal external fuel tank = great big fat jumbo canada's. (Tankmengineered and made by Steve the waterfowl equipment genius) You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled...
  3. DIY Waterfowl Gear
    Has anyone tried to build an "ice eater" out of a trolling motor? Looking to use stuff I have around the house without spending a bunch of money. Have a couple of ideas but was wondering what people have tried. What has work or maybe even what hasn't worked? Thanks again for any help
  4. The Lodge
    Anyone know where to get a good deal on a Powerhouse Ice Eater? I'm not looking to pay $750 for the Ice Eater that's marketed towards hunters. Way over priced IMO. I'm looking to get just the motor and shroud in 1HP and was hoping someone here might know of a good retailer for one! Thanks in...
  5. The Lodge
    This would be a great tool for early winters here in Iowa.
1-5 of 5 Results