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  1. Sports Talk
  2. Fishing Forum
    There is a thread on Iowasportsman saying that they found bighead carp in East Boji. I really hope that this is just a rumor. That would be terrible.
  3. The Lodge
    Well yesturday (jan 26th) was the last day to hunt Canadas in most of Nebraska so a buddy invited me to go hunting with a buddy of his. We did pretty well. shot 19 but ended with 18 and a band. One was a cripple that we couldnt find. We think a coyote got it cause we saw one in the field we saw...
  4. The Lodge
    Anybody around eastern iowa want to team up on friday? I've walked out to a couple places around CR, but have had much luck. Hopefully that will change this weekend. Will travel.
  5. New Member Introductions
    My name is Keith and I'm from Long Grove Ia, were I live with my wife Sarah and my 4 Labs. I have been hunting for 20+ year's mainly for waterfowl. These day's I spend 80+ day's chasing waterfowl in all diffrent state's.
  6. The Lodge
    Talk about one positive form of birth control. I bet even Miller couldn't get none in one of those.
1-6 of 6 Results