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  1. The Lodge
    Iowa Senate committee votes to overturn ban on lead-shot ammunition for mourning dove hunting DES MOINES, Iowa - Hunters enjoyed a victory Tuesday, when the Senate Natural Resources committee voted to overturn a rule that would have banned hunting mourning doves with lead-shot ammunition...
  2. Conservation Forum
    We have a bill in the House! Rep. Mary Mascher has introduced House File (H.F.) 2061 for the repeal of dove hunting!
  3. Conservation Forum
    Bellow is some information about the Attack that is going to be made on Iowa Sportsmen & Dove hunting. This is also my letter to you to advise that you contact your legislative Representative or Senator who represents you in DM at the Capitol. Tell them to deffend Iowa Sportsmens Opportunity to...
  4. The Grill
    Dove Poppers Dove breasts (4 per person) Chunks of pineapple, green chili or jalapeno pepper and mushrooms Teriyaki sauce Strips of bacon, cut in half Place chunks of pepper, pineapple or mushroom between dove breast sections, wrap in ½ slice or bacon and hold together with a toothpick...
  5. The Lodge
    This is new to me but when is the best time to go and where should I set up? They planted a few sunflower patches on public is that the place to setup?
  6. The Lodge
    Had a good dove hunt this morning before school. My buddy and i shot 6. Shot 5 in one shot and no not on power lines!!!
  7. The Lodge
    Got a little bonus with my dove limit tonight.
  8. The Lodge
    had a good time hunting with my 3 buddies this morning,we limited out by 7.30.seen lots of doves
  9. The Lodge
    Its going to be a really hot opener tomorrow. Who is hunting by water, and who is hunting out in the feilds? I was a little torn on what I was going to wear tomorrow also, as most of my camo shirts are long sleeve, so I decide instead just to go with camo body paint, and my spedo, and a...
  10. Conservation Forum
    Would you Support the effort to make mandatory those who wish to purse / hunt doves in the state of Iowa be required to purchase the states migratory bird stamp? Resources gained by this would help in dove management and provide a sustainable source of revenues that adds stability to Iowa's...
  11. The Lodge
    Hey guys just found out today that you have to have a DOVE HIP NUMBER before you can hunt doves.just talked to our CO and he said yep he just got the email today i guess you can go online and get it.
  12. The Lodge
    So who plans to dove hunt this fall? It will be first time hunting them anywhere. I'm not sure whether it's worth getting some dekes or if I should just sit somewhere they are flying and pass shoot them.
  13. The Lodge
    DES MOINES - Hunters will be allowed to use lead shot to hunt mourning doves in Iowa when a new season opens Sept. 1. Members of the Legislature's Administrative Rules Review Committee voted 9-1 Tuesday to delay implementation of a rule that would have required nontoxic shot to be used when...
  14. The Lodge
    Sorry if this has been posted already. Just saw this and thought it was pretty interesting Lawmakers block Iowa DNR attempt to ban lead shot for dove-hunting | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs
  15. The Lodge
    Its also on public land, the dnr does pull off some good stuff once in a while! Probably about 10 acre field here.
  16. The Lodge
    So what is the basic strategy everyone is going to be using. I have doves on the wires all around my place, but am not sure how to go about getting them. Any thoughts? I have no streams around, but I do have a 5 acre pasture.
  17. The Lodge
    will anybody be hittin the doves come September 1st?
  18. The Lodge
    Folks: I just checked Midway USA. They have 20ga 2 ¾" Steel #6 at $7.69 per box (25). The cheapest lead shot not on sale is Remington Target at $6.49/box. Cheapest comparable box on sale is still $6.19. The price differential drops further if you reload. Is the $1.20 extra a box really a "crime...
  19. The Lodge
    Looks like were gonna be shootin steel at doves this year the nrc has banned lead for doves. just got a email from nra stating this.
1-20 of 36 Results