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  1. The Lodge
    A taxidermist we all know and love went on vacation down south. He was feeling a little thirsty and decided to have a few drinks at the nearest tavern. Upon entering the tavern, the conversation stopped and all eyes turned to him. Feeling a little uneasy, he made his way to the bar to order a...
  2. The Lodge
    With the african blackwood comment.... My wife and her freinds she works with thinks i should do a shirt that says ..... "I BLOW LONG AND SHORT" !!!! and have pic of calls or something on it.. Id i did them in pink or pink camo do you guys think they would sell... Maybe ill send some to some...
  3. The Lodge
    Saw an ad on Iowa Outdoors for a dude looking for a taxadermist. Might wann call him and give him the number of a good one, if you know one.
  4. The Lodge
    What happened to the packers?????????????????????// :wink: :lol: :lol: Now who do I pull for???? Anyone but the queens that is for sure!!!!
  5. The Lodge
    that after a hard day at work, sometimes I like to take a bubble bath and put on a little Kenny G while I think of you?
  6. The Lodge
    I got a guy who got a bobcat tonight and wants to have it mounted. It's yours if you want it. He had a quote of 800 and one for 400. Against my better judgement I talked you up and convinced him you are better than any of those guys so he agreed and is now awaiting your response. Didn't know...
  7. The Lodge
    Just throwin this one out there... The #1 iawaterfowler poster..DOUG aka IAtax{besides the admin's} has been a little quiet lately... hope all is well my friend!! If your on va-cay.......... Sit and spin asshole!!! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. The Lodge
    He said it was the new thing. I think he is right and 800.00 was a fair price don't you guys think?
  9. The Lodge
    HEY should have done this in a PM but I am this far so screw it. How big is your pup? I have a few extra dog vests and if you could use one I would be glad to send it off to ya bro Let me know! Oscar
1-12 of 13 Results