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    Avery Double Duty Retriever Platform. Used once on the boat, comes with everything pictured. $75 picked up in Omaha, will ship at buyers expense. Innotek ADV-300 training collar. 300 yard range, 7 stimulation levels with tone option, rechargeable/waterproof receiver. In perfect working...
  2. The Lodge
    anyone else ever deal with their dog scratching at carpet? my lab constantly scratches and ends up tearing it up but never the same spots. he has a 2 beds to lay on throughout the house so i dont see why he would be trying to make a "bed". ive never actually caught him doing it but the carpet...
  3. Gun Dog Forum
  4. Gun Dog Forum
    I have a 9 year old German shorthair he is a great pheasant dog, but I recently got hooked on duck hunting because of the lack of pheasants. Does anybody on here duck hunt over a shorthair? I have taken him out a couple times but he won't sit still and always wanting to run around and look for...
  5. The Lodge
    I found this article on Drudge today and thought you guys might find it interesting.
  6. Classifieds
    Im looking for a dog blind, I have a big dog, so bigger the better. Also looking for a layout blind, ground force, finisher, m2 or anything. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks
  7. The Lodge
    Bad dog took me hunting to a "secret spot" and we were rewarded very nicely! One of the most enjoyable hunts I have been on. Picking out greenheads and drake pinnys(should had a couple more lol). Heres to hopefully more hunts. Thanks bud!
  8. Gun Dog Forum
    Seems like my old guy stiffens up after a couple hour hunt. Just started this fall where it was this bad. After a hunt I give him asprine and also have been giving him conjointin. Also give him conjointin when not hunting. Anything else I can try?
  9. Gun Dog Forum
    I have hear different opinions on which brand and formula of food is best for very active working dogs... Will y'all give me some feedback on your food choices and any evidence that makes it the best... Price should not be a factor.
  10. Gun Dog Forum
    So maybe there isn't anything i can do. I hunt with a german shorthair named Herman, who is going to be 2 on halloween. He is turning into a great duck dog but he whines all the time. He will sit right next to me all day and shiver and whine. At first I thought he was cold but that is not the...
  11. Gun Dog Forum
    Yesterday my fiance took our 2 y/o lab on a walk and I think she caught her nail in maybe a crack in the sidewalk. She has a crack half way up the nail on her back left leg. Shes limping pretty bad and acting in a lot of pain. we gave her asprin 1mg/1lb. My question is has anyone else ran into...
  12. Classifieds
    Used one season. My pup did quite a bit of growing from last year to this year so had to get a bigger size. It's camo(buckbrush I think) my dog is wearing it in my profile pic. It's the boater's addition so it has the built in harness with handles which makes it real easy to pull your dog from...
  13. The Lodge
    This all started with a pair of mallards eating under our bird feeder every night. The last time I counted, there were 88 and my fiancee is dumping around 60lbs of bird food a week . These ducks have become very used to us and the dog.
  14. Hunting Gear
    I am looking for opinions on dog blinds. I don't know anyone that uses one and I can't get a good feel for how big they really are when I see them in the store. I have a very long bodied 85 pound lab and I get the sense that she would be sticking almost halfway out of the blind. I just don't...
  15. Classifieds
    2 year old Yellow Male. Sire and Dam are both Master Hunters. This dog is obedience trained, force fetched, collar conditioned. This dog has been picking up a bunch of birds during training. This dog has great desire to retrieve. This dog will make a very nice family dog. I have four kids...
  16. Gun Dog Forum
    My lab is almost 8 months old so I decided to introduce him to retrieving on the water with decoys present. My question is he keeps goin after the decoys rather then the dummy how do I break him of doing this?
  17. Classifieds
    Just like the title says I am looking for a used single dog box to fit and 80 pound lab. Would also consider pet taxi also. Was going to try and make my own but it costs almost as much to make as it does to buy one. Thanks
  18. Gun Dog Forum
    My dog has a rough life in the offseason. He has no special titles or certificates or anything but he is registered and does an excellent job in the field. Was NOT trained with a shock collar just hard work day in and day out. It pays off in the end. He is 8 this year. Here is how he is...
  19. Gun Dog Forum
    My dog decided to become a catfish tonight and ate a stinkbait worm. So I was wondering if anybody else's dog has done this, and what should I do? Take him to the vet or will it pass somehow? Any advice would help. Thanks
1-19 of 99 Results