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  1. Conservation Forum
    Did anyone on this site participate in this survey? I for one am a no.
  2. The Lodge
    Why in the world would they not require a state migratory bird stamp to hunt doves here?
  3. The Lodge
    I was just talking with a customer of mine this morning about the hail damaged crops here in SW Iowa. With all of the havoc that insued after the storms here, if guys would let you in on some of the destroyed fields of corn and beans during season, and all of the crop on the ground, how would...
  4. DNR

    The Lodge
    Is anyone in here a dnr officer or knows how to help me out. I plan on going to college to be a dnr and was woundering on what I should all do before hand. Just pm me or hit me up on this.
  5. The Lodge
    Was wondering if anyone has every gone to this? Are there any good deals to be had? Annnual Iowa DNR Gun and Bow Auction IOWA DNR ANNUAL GUN AND BOW AUCTION AT THE FAIRGROUNDS IN DES MOINES SATURDAY MAY 21. NEARLY 600 LONG GUNS and MORE
  6. Conservation Forum
    Just curious, and please don't jump down my throat for asking this question, but do you accurately fill out the last years hunting survey each year when buying a new license? I know they are walmart/gas station/scheels/etc. surveys, but it is my understanding that you are legally obligated to...
  7. The Lodge
    Here is a link to a pdf the DNR posted to help clarify the carry rights of firearms.
  8. The Lodge
    How many times a year do you guys get checked by a DNR officer? I am at 50% of my outings this year right now with 3 checks. It doesnt bother me at all as I am not doing or shooting anything illegal. (Well I spoke too soon on that, I was informed today that one guy can not carry all the...
  9. The Lodge
    So I'm sitting here in New York reading forum posts about the ICN meeting happening wishing I could at least watch it or hear it...knowing full well that even if I were at home in Illinois that it wouldn't be possible. So I'm wondering in an age when SO many other options exist for web...
  10. The Lodge
    Is the Iowa DNR doing a good job on setting the waterfowl seasons from year to year?? (Home page poll test :D , odvious question, just want to make sure it links from forum to home page and comes in visible) (Must be logged in to take poll)
  11. The Lodge
    Alabama Division of Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Alaska Department of Fish & Game Arizona Department of Fish & Game Arkansas Fish & Game Commission California Department of Fish & Game...
  12. The Lodge make a difference. Read the following (from a current DNR employee) to understand what some of the underlying issues are in our DNR and why the quality of our outdoor recreation opportunites has begun to dwindle in past years. I am, along with the sportsmen and women of the state of Iowa...
  13. Conservation Forum
    Youv'e got time on your hands AJB, Adopt one.... DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is looking for people to "adopt" bald eagles. Officials say there's been an exponential growth of bald eagles over the years and experts with the agency are having a hard time...
  14. Conservation Forum
    Iowa DNR seeks wildlife feeding ban DES MOINES -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is proposing legislation that would ban the feeding of wildlife in many instances in an effort to reduce the possibility of a major disease coming into the state. The proposed ban would include all areas...
  15. The Lodge If anyone is looking for a way to help clean up their local lake, river, or stream.
  16. The Lodge
    WI DNR counting santa's.....
  17. The Lodge
    You guys could dick up a one car parade! Way to call ending the season early. I am thinking of dropping my DU and Delta memebership since we do enough here in Iowa to maximize the duck population. I hope your "buddies in north Iowa are having a grand time hunting the season you designed...
  18. The Lodge
    By Lowell Washburn Iowa Department of Natural Resources Lots of ducks. Lots of hunters. Lots of shooting. That’s the way most Iowa waterfowl hunting enthusiasts are summing up the results of the September 19 kickoff to the first, five-day segment of the 2009 Iowa duck season But the fact...
  19. Hunting Gear
    The DNR is looking for help taking samples :) for avian flu around Blackhawk Lake and Masrh for the opener. If you see a DNR truck out there and have birds, let them take a sample. It will help keep the waterfowl population more healthy by discovering how the disease (Not harmful to humans) is...
  20. Conservation Forum
    After talking to some people about the proposed 3/8 of one percent increase to sales tax for DNR sustainable funding im not so sure that this will pass. Of the people that i have talked to most are opposed to any tax increase that would go towards a government entity. Its obvious the people i...
1-20 of 30 Results