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  1. The Lodge
    The Iowa Deer Classic is Feb 24-26 this year. Maybe we could have some sort of a get together -- say -- Saturday night?
  2. The Lodge
    Watch for deer...
  3. Deer Forum
    Yesterday was my wife's first time deer hunting EVER!. In the morning we went out before dark to an area that has always been fairly good for second season. The area is public but is landlocked by private unless you have a boat. Well the morning was slow seen one nice buck about 200yds away, and...
  4. Deer Forum
    Check out this camo. Who'd think to shoot a bucket walking through the woods?
  5. The Lodge
    This is one of those weekends where I pass on duck hunting to hunt deer. Just seeing who else might be going out.
  6. The Lodge
    Very succesfull year for us and we were done by 7:30am! The big 8 is going on a pedistal mount. Left us more time to duck hunt! Canvasback crazy this weekend. Could have killed them with tennis rackets. Thinking about dropping a couple of these off to Lee for the wall. A couple HUGE Bulls!
  7. IAW Bar & Grill
    Nice deer feeder
  8. Deer Forum
    Men Charged With Poaching Deer In IL. The State's Attorney of Grundy County southwest of Chicago has brought poaching charges against three men who allegedly killed a valuable deer on private property. The men allegedly harvested a 36-point buck with a rack, or antler set, valued at $35,000...
  9. The Lodge
  10. The Lodge
    This is the video of the deer I was fortunate enough to find locked up this week. We went back out today to check it out, and we found one dead and the other had untangled itself and was gone. Suprisingly, the agressive one in the video appears to be the one we found dead.
  11. IAW Bar & Grill
    It's closer than you think!! Deer season will be here before we know it. So I thought I'd better send out a reminder about what a Whitetail DEAR looks like! No need to thank me. It's just kinda like a public service.
  12. The Lodge
    got this in a email today..... Deer stands guard over goose nest in cemetery |
  13. Big Game Forum
    Seven deer -- including six huddled in a circle -- were found apparently killed by lightning in a southern Wisconsin farm field, neighbors and authorities said Tuesday. The deer were likely killed Sunday night, said neighbor Randy Lantz, 54. “It’s bizarre,” Lantz said. After neighbors...
  14. The Grill
    Mix up in large bowl 1 Lb Hamburger/deerburger 3 eggs ¾ sleeve of saltine crackers (crunched) 2 tsp Worcestershire ½ pack French Onion Soup Mix ½ to ¾ cup of Ketchup For Glaze Combine Ketchup and Brown sugar enough to make a glaze for the top. Bake for 350 for 45-50 minutes in a...
  15. Deer Forum
    I don't know how many guys are out there that hunt with handguns in the semi auto calibers currently legal for deer but IDNR is proposing changing the caliber list to "Centerfire handguns must be .357 caliber or larger, use straight-walled cartridges with a case that is at least 1.16 inches long...
  16. The Lodge
    At the deer classic there was a polaris ranger with abunch of stuff done to it. I had there flyer but ended up setting my bag of flyers down and walking away. Anyone have any info on the company
  17. Deer Forum
    A ten pointer that scored 155[/img] me and my buddy with the 10 pointer first shed 8 pointer with the g2 broken off. 168 set 13 pointer sheds of the day should have 3 more shed i found in the tree sorry so blurry but...
  18. Taxidermy Forum
    Here is a mount Im about finished with. ive decided next big buck i kill this is the mount im going to have done for it. Really like the look and how it turned out. This cape was in the customers freezer for 6 years. couple bad spots on cape but overall looks good.
  19. Deer Forum
    My deer numbers were way down this year... How were yours?
  20. Classifieds
    Custom made turkey yelper with a deer antler bell. Signed and numbered. finished with a clear coat. Comes with a lanyard and the display base. $150 shipped.
1-20 of 101 Results