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  1. The Lodge
    Lets talk a swinging crossing duck......... will 1400 vs 1550 make a huge difference in leed? I use to shoot strickly hot rounds(1500+) but tried a couple boxes of 1400 3s this year(they were marked on the shelf at 6.99) and was quite pleased. Todays selection at scheels in federal blue box...
  2. Classifieds
    3 dozen magnum mallard. weighted keels, stings, anchors, 2 large h.s. decoy bags. some are G&H w/swivel heads, some are carrylite. $150. Tree stand: Gorilla kong series. steel, strap on. 18x24" platform. excellent. $40. Tree stand: Gorilla silverback series. alluminum, strap on. 24x30"...
  3. The Lodge
    I got this in an e-mail today, some of these guys are pretty wild looking. I especially like the 3rd one down. Creatures - Found At Seaside After TSUNAMI .. .. As everyone knows, the tsunami in Southeast Asia was devastating both in the loss of life and economically to the region. However...
  4. The Lodge
    I finally remembered to get these pictures of my camera. This is how we have fun during winter.
  5. The Lodge
    Thats on next saturdays T-Day menu, just thought I'd ask for any tips to avoid burning the turkey or burning my garage down? Wifey bought a 14lber for dirt at Fareway.
  6. Field Hunting
    We had some great decoying action on Friday afternoon in some deep snow. For every flock we shot into, we landed 2 or 3 --- possibly checking for bands. When our group had 9 down, I switched to the far left blind - the side the birds were favoring, and settled in. I let a couple land while...
1-6 of 6 Results