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  1. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Headed down to meet up with Rob, Rob jr, and Jim today to hunt some snows. My buddy came along as well. We had a decent day nothing to complain about could have been better. Was only a 25 bird day. Here are some pics.
  2. The Lodge
    We had a decent hunt today. Thought we were going to only hunt till 11 or so but hunted till about 1:30. Got an assortment. 12 birds with a bonus coot my buddy couldnt resist shooting I guess.
  3. Fishing Forum
    We fished yesterday afternoon for 4 hours and 4 hours this morning. Didn't have to bad of luck on salmon going 7 for 9 both days. Tried the perch this morning but the wind came up to fast and couldn't hold over them. Here are a few pics. We only ran two downriggers along with 4 yellow birds...
  4. Sports Talk
    Though tI would post here before I look on Ebay. I cracked my bat hittin today and am lookin to pick up a decent used one. Please no cracks. I use a 34/27. The one I cracked was a Mizuno Crush g3 but I will look at all..
  5. The Lodge
    Hunted public land and we got 26 ducks and 4 geese.
  6. Decoy Forum
    They are not the top of the line FB mallards but they work well.
1-6 of 6 Results