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  1. The Lodge
    Who is going to be out chasen geese the next couple days this will be the last weekend. I think I'll be sitting at home or sitting in the woods in less some one hits me with an invite.
  2. Southern Zone
    who goin besides me? bad dog
  3. Conservation Forum
    Folks as sportsmen but most importantly as a waterfowling community this action by you could help restore Isolated Wetland protections under CWA. Clean Waters Act: Please take the time and visit this Response page to congress over CWA protections and lend a hand if you can...
  4. Vendor Deals
    ILLOWA Marine - Phowler Boat Company Demo Days!! Bring your family and friends and join us for a free demo ride on our Phowler Boat, Blinds, Pro-Drive and Copperhead Motor Rigs. You will have the opportunity to demo one or all the boats we have on the water. It will be an experience you will...
  5. The Lodge
    Last 30 days state hits detail for iawaterfowlers: Visits via 208 cities, top 65 listed (and remember, your IP could get registered from the town next to you, if a question, click on this site and it will let you know ) and yes, 22 is listed twice.
  6. Northern Zone
    so who is going out the next two days for ducks? u hunting fields or water?
  7. The Lodge
    just 2 more days until I am officially an Iowan again! My wife is already there, but I'm finishing up a job in NYC before moving to Ankeny. I leave tonight, but its going to take me a day and a half to get back. I already have a hunt planned for Thursday, but if anyone wants to get together...
  8. Northern Zone
    Took the kid out last night and shot 4 and went out to the marsh this morning and tried out the new boat and got my 2. The pup did excellent on his first retrive!
  9. The Lodge
    hows the season going to look for everyone?
  10. Turkey Forum
    My dad, my buddy Matt, and I all tagged out this past weekend. Mine came first yesterday morning around 9am. He was 21lbs 8 1/2 inch beard and 3/4 spurs. Next was my dads bird around noon. It was 23lbs 7 1/2 inch beard with 3/4 inch spurs. Finally Matt shot a Jake this morning around...
  11. Field Hunting
    Squaw Creek Missouri, under 30 days. Good Luck Murral, let us know how you did, we have the following weekend, same guide , video on home page from Squaw Creek....
  12. Outdoor Photography
    Lots of Blacks! A561 998-62033 Banded in Ontario on July 23, 2003!
  13. Big Game Forum
    Big buck shot in WI days ago Video - Newspaper-
  14. Gun Dog Forum
    Gunner chillin in his hillbilly hot tub (keg cooler) This is great for working in the yard on hot days. Some days I'll throw him a couple bumps and then he'll go take a break in the tub. I had a kiddy pool for him, but for some reason he likes this better
  15. The Lodge
    Just curious as to when you mainly hunt waterfowl.
  16. Sports Talk
    Who is the best team this year to win the division???????
  17. Surrounding States
    Hello guys I know this is to far for many but on Sept. 27th & 28th there will be a calling competition and trade show in Carterville IL. at the John A. Logan collage. Many vendors will be in attendance as well as Letemwork game calls and my self Some of the items on hand will be the Dakota...
1-17 of 22 Results