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  1. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Does any one have the dates for Burlington yet. I think that I will to make it this year. Thanks Neil
  2. The Lodge
    where can i find the 2012 duck hunting dates at? i tryed to look at dnr site but didnt find anything.... might not be looking in the right place.
  3. Southern Zone
    Maybe I have missed it but I still haven't seen the season dates set by DNR.
  4. Conservation Forum
    For all you individuals who enjoy having the open and close dates of our present 2 zones opening and ending on different days BEWARE the season dates that have been proposed weeks ago have changed. Recommendations will be made to have the South Zone open and close the same day as the North...
  5. Conservation Forum
    Once again my fellow southern zone duck hunters there are those afoot who are trying once again to move our south zone duck season dates back to line up with the same dates as the North zone. It's crazy. If you value your option of having 2 zones with different start and close dates you had...
  6. The Lodge
    Do you think with the way the calendar lines up that we will see dates similar to 2010?
  7. The Lodge
    For those of you who didn't see this in the new regs yet... The metro goose dates are now Sept. 4th-12th. NOT the 1-15th like past years. That put a wrench in my plans, already took off September 1-3 so I could get out and hunt. I guess I will have 3 days off to scout now.
  8. The Lodge
    They are saying that the majority of those who expressed an opinion want the south zone moved up a week this year in order for us to have a better chance of hitting the migration. Notice when they say opinion.....they don't say informed opinions. How many are just going along with Uncle Guy's...
  9. The Lodge As those attened the ICN meeting know, the WAI has been on the IDNR about looking at a program such as this to get hunters more involved in these issues. Are waterfowlers willing to help raise funding to support such a program if not then it will more...
  10. The Lodge
    Just got the official word, the season dates have been set. Statewide Early Duck Season September 19-23 Goose Season North Zone September 26-October 4 October 10-December 13 December 19-January 3 South Zone September 26-October 4 October 17-December 13 December 19-January 10 Late Duck Opener...
  11. The Lodge
    Guys they are going to keep the North and the South zones the same dates. Guys we gotta start doin some thing if we want a later season. We don't want the North and South with the same seaon dates. Every one is complaining, but no one is doing any thing about it. We need to start complaining to...
  12. Conservation Forum
    Take a look at how Iowa has set their season dates in Iowa historically. Scroll down til ya hit the season dates and times. Starts on page 81.
  13. Conservation Forum
    After our letters sent to Zenner is he still sticking with opening the season a week earlier? Tom/ Jeremy what are you hearing? I'm pretty busy tommorow but if this is gonna pass without no complaints. I could show up at the DNR meeting and make a Jackass out of myself, although I think Tom...
  14. Conservation Forum
    Well, Thursday at the NRC meeting I presented WAI and H4I's season proposal and the NRC did amend the notice of intended action (NOIA) by changing the north zone season dates to match the proposal. Unfortunately because of how public comment is handled (and has to be handled to maintain order...
  15. Conservation Forum
    To assure your getting your point out to everyone involved in this process please make sure you are sending your emails to the following. Guy Zenner Head Waterfowl Biologist Dale Garner WB Chief Rest are JR and Myself as well as the Natural Resource Commission NRC (The elected folks who have...
  16. Conservation Forum
    Lets try again with out the "my dad can beat up your dad" contest. '09 Ducks boils down to this: N zone (2nd segment) Oct 10 - Dec3 or Oct 17-Dec 10 S zone Oct 17-Dec 10 or Oct 24- Dec 17 S zone will very likely start 1 week after N zone so yes you S zoners should care about N zone dates.
  17. Conservation Forum
    WAI and H4IA to work together.. « on: August 11, 2008, 01:54:40 PM » Quote Modify Remove Split Topic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is from JR on the WAI Board... Ok, if you want to partner we have to work on a mutually acceptable set...
  18. Conservation Forum
  19. The Lodge
    *Tentative 2008-09 Tentative* Migratory Game Bird Season Dates STATEWIDE Ducks, Mergansers and Coots Sept. 20 - 24 Oct. 18 - Dec. 11 Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days Oct. 4 - 5 Canada Geese and Brant Sept. 27 - Oct. 5 Oct. 18 - Dec. 21 Dec. 27 - Jan. 11, 2009 White-fronted Geese Sept. 27 - Dec. 7...
1-19 of 22 Results