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  1. Classifieds
    Looking for some Dakota Fullbody Canada decoys. Send me a PM.
  2. Classifieds
    I have 14 Dakota XFD Honkers. $400 used one season and in good condition. Decoys located in Peoria,IL, but will be traveling through IA on Interstate 80 this weekend heading to SD. Let me know and we could arrange a meeting place along the way. Here are a few cell phone pics:
  3. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Dakota Decoy Company X-Treme Snows and Blues Home of X-Treme Honkers ... Premium Canada Goose Decoys for Demanding Hunters ... Dakota Decoy Company would like to present its newest addition to the family, the X-treme Snows. When setting out to design and create a full body Snow Goose decoy...
  4. Classifieds
    Hey I have 4 Dakota decoy bags that I would like to sell. They are used but still in pretty good shape. Mostly just dirty nothing really structurally wrong with em except a small tear or two. Would like to get 25 bucks for each one. I am willing to ship but u have to pay for it & its not that...
  5. Decoy Forum
    Had a six pack sitting by my front door when I got home today. Here is a pick. The 6 pack is 3 feeders, 2 actives, and one sentry.
  6. Decoy Forum
    Here are a few pics of dakotas in the field early season.
  7. The Lodge
    Leaving for Ashley, ND October 22, plan on hunting fields for mostly mallards and pintails. Taking all the decoys though to set up for Canadas and Snows and Blues also. First time, any advice from any North Dakota veterans?
  8. The Lodge
    If anyone is thinking of coming to North Dakota either for the first time or wants to try a new area, feel free to PM me with questions and I will help you the best I can.
  9. Decoy Forum
    I have a 6 pack coming as soon as they clear customs. Both decoys copmparisons - size Dakota Decoy - Full Body Lesser Canada Goose Decoys If you are looking for a full body lesser canada decoy designed for low hassle hunting, day after day, then you are in luck. Dakota Decoy goose...
  10. Decoy Forum
    Are the DD bags in the Cabelas waterfowl catalog the "new and improved" bags? DD still has them out of stock on their site, and I need some bags SOON.
  11. The Lodge
    This looks like a pretty good price if anyone is looking for some sentries or actives.
  12. Decoy Forum
    Here are a few pics of the new dakota paint design on the mallards and the new XFD honker floaters. The honkers are fully flocked and will ONLY be avaliable at Gander Mountain. They will come in 4 packs with a special 4 slot bag.
  13. Classifieds
    After some debating, I'm thinking about selling my Dakota fb's...I'll be honest, I really love these, but I rarely ever have room for them in the jeep, so I usually leave them at home. I'm contemplating looking at the Dakota Lessers when they come I will probably take the money from...
  14. Decoy Forum
    Dakota coming out with or have FFD's??
  15. Classifieds
    Hey any of you guys have any FB Dakota Decoy honker decoys for sale or know of anyone who is wanting to get rid of a few? I am looking for 2-3 dozen preferably used if in decent condition unless you can throw me a really good deal on some new ones. Let me know. thanks Jeremy
  16. Decoy Forum
    Bill posted this on the dakota site as well but for the guys who don't check out the dakota site thought I would copy and paste it here. From Bill: Just thought I would give our consumers an update on what Dakota has in the works for 2010! We are working very hard this off season, and...
  17. The Lodge
    I know its really early to start thinking about the spring hunt, but would there be any interest in people coming to ND to hunting SOB's and would want to meet up.
  18. The Lodge
    Just a reminder to anyone planning on a trip or is already taking a trip to North Dakota feel free to ask me anything. Except where the birds are. This year was a weird year, some place's got hammered with rain this summer and some place's where drier then a desert.
21-38 of 60 Results