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  1. Fishing Forum
    Ice fishing has been slow, but the size of the fish has been making up for it.
  2. Gear Giveaways
    Hey folks, First and foremost, thanks to Dakota Decoys for donating decoys for this contest. Okay so since a lot of you guys like our social interaction giveaways, we have another one and are offering some decoys. Prize: 6 Dakota Lessers What you must do: Once this thread reaches 5,000...
  3. Classifieds
    5 Dozen Full Body Dakota Honker Decoys in Yankton SD. Some are 2 years old & some are three years old. Always bagged. Good condition. $280 per dozen. Tim cell 605 660 3119 SOLD
  4. Decoy Forum
    I was wondering how the paint quality on Dakota Decoys compares to the paint quality on GHG's. I am thinking about getting some painted Dakota Xtreme floaters, and I want to know if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with them. Do you think the paint holds up better? Is it worse? Or...
  5. Decoy Forum
    I looked at some of the Dakota XFD floating goose decoys at Gander Mountain last night. They are a HUGE decoy, and in my opinion the best looking on the market, but for $50 each they can keep them. They are made exclusively for Gander Mountain too, so you can't get them anywhere else for less...
  6. Vendor Deals
    Here is the jake decoy but painted instead of just the carving this time. Looks very nice.
  7. Decoy Forum
    Went to our local scheels and was looking at their waterfowl stuff and my brother was talking to me about some dakota floaters, talking to him about it, price was 179.99 a week ago price...... 99.99 for 6, wow thats a awesome price, to bad they went back up..... scheels guy "i match that price"...
  8. Decoy Forum
    How are those of you that have the dakota floating mallards storing them? Just wondering if I should also buy a 12 slot bag to protect my investment. Im sure it would help keep the flocked heads nice.
  9. Vendor Deals
    Bill has had many requests for a turkey decoy and seems if you ask you shall receive. The link is below to see the start of the carvings. Looks great!!! Dakota X-treme Turkey! - The Dakota Decoy Forum
  10. Vendor Deals
    Thank you Bill for re-uping this years sponsorship, we appreciate it.
  11. Decoy Forum
    New decoys available AJB??
  12. Vendor Deals
    If you are in the market for new decoys this fall give our sponsor Dakota Decoy a look and see if they have what you need. Bill does an excellent job designing decoys and his customer service is about the best there is. So if you are interested you can contact Bill or if you want to make it...
  13. Classifieds
    FOR SALE: 8 DOZEN DAKOTA DECOY HONKERS, flocked heads/tails, mixed bag of lookers, feeders, actives and sleepers, Contact Ryan Knobloch or Ross Knobloch. And dont worry folks, we are staying with Dakota and won't change! Message me or Ryan(Knobby) for a price, decoys in good condition.
  14. Decoy Forum
    Here are the new honker sleeper shells. These are one of a few new decoys coming out this year from Dakota Decoy.
  15. Classifieds
    I have a friend with 2 year old Dakota honker full bodies for sale. He has 2 dozen at $250 per dozen, they have the normal wear and look good otherwise. His name is Nick and his number is 563-299-3120. If you're looking for some give him a call.
  16. Decoy Forum
    Dakota Decoys... D3TV Tip of the Day
  17. Classifieds
    Sold All decoys have been sold. Decoy bags.... SOLD Finisher Blind KW2/spray paint/mud 2yrs old. Ready to hunt 150$ REDUCED 125$ Rogers Finisher Snow Cover Used 3 times and just washed the other day, like new.(Good luck snow cover shot limits all 3 times used);)50$ REDUCED 45$ Will Ship...
  18. Decoy Forum
    Dakota Decoys Heads... D3TV Tip of the Day- Rich Ferguson
1-20 of 60 Results