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  1. The Lodge
    I received a good book for Christmas from my wife, Shit my dad says (New York Times Best Seller), heres some info, please read down the twitter page, kinda funny
  2. The Lodge
    Tonight was the first time I've ever felt this feeling I have right now and I can't explain it. I got a call from my mom at 3 o'clock today telling me that they had taken dad to the hospital and that he had two blood clots on his left lung. So I quickly rushed down there and was relieved to see...
  3. The Lodge
    My dad introduced my brother and I into duck hunting about 15 years ago and we have been hooked ever since. This year my mom (a faithful QVC watcher on the TV saw they were selling custom oil paintings, you send in a photo and they do an oil painting for you exactly like the photo, she thought...
  4. Waterfowling Stories
    Well im sure i'll get shot for this but i have one heck of a story to tell you guys and gals about... One day when we lived in Nebraska we went duck hunting, My father, brothers our faithful yet loving and hunting fool chesepeak, zeus, and i. well the ducks were being slow that day so we...
1-4 of 4 Results