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  1. The Lodge
    Cub fans there might be hope.
  2. Sports Talk
    Chicago Cubs Commemorative World Series T-Shirt
  3. Sports Talk
    Just saw today the cubs resigned Kerry Wood. Glad to see it. Now we have two set up and closers. Might help win a couple more games!!!
  4. Sports Talk
    Maddux joins Cubs' front office CHICAGO — Pitching great Greg Maddux has rejoined the Chicago Cubs as an assistant to general manager Jim Hendry. The 355-game winner, who started his major league career with the Cubs in 1986 and rejoined them from 2004-06, retired as a player after the...
  5. Sports Talk
    How's the Cubs doing AJB?? My Brewers are still in 1st place :D At least you guys are above 500
  6. Sports Talk
    Brewers going for another beat down on the cubs :lol:
  7. Sports Talk
    did anyone see that jeff samardzija is playing for the iowa cubs now?? he won today 2-1. hes doin pretty damn good.
  8. Sports Talk
    CHICAGO -- The Milwaukee Brewers got CC Sabathia, but the Cubs now have Rich Harden. The Cubs and Oakland Athletics completed a six-player deal Tuesday, with Harden and reliever Chad Gaudin going to Chicago in exchange for pitcher Sean Gallagher and outfielder Matt Murton, and Minor Leaguers...
1-8 of 8 Results