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  1. Turkey Forum
    Been watching a local flock of turkeys. Mind you in N.W. Ia. anything more than a half dozen is a flock. There's a bird in the bunch that has some blonde coloration. Is this bird a domestic cross/breed or what?
  2. Gun Dog Forum
    Not wanting to start a fight or arguments but would you buy a cross bred dog for hunting, or does it have to be a registered dog? I've decided that my next duck dog is going to be a chesador ( chessie - lab). I've had labs as my duck dogs in the past and have had great dogs I've always wanted a...
  3. Deer Forum
    A buddy's brother shot this deer this weekend just north of Mason City
  4. Surrounding States
    Had a sporty little shoot w/ SBE=1POS{then we had a sporty little dock removal job :roll: }. to my suprise there were some blue wingers still around.... getting a few licks in.....
  5. Field Hunting
    Adam, my buddy Steve, and I went out on a field in WI and got our 6 with 1 band and 1 farm cross. Band and Farm Cross Steve and his dog Adam and me
  6. Decoy Forum
    Double Cross Motion System The Double Cross Decoy system turns a single decoy into a tip-up machine, cycling every 7 to 10 seconds to simulate a feeding duck. The motor can be powered by any 12-volt DC source. Click on movie pic below to start flash video.
1-6 of 6 Results