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  1. The Lodge
    The email I got about this said they caused 16 accidents and went to jail for this. I thought it was funny, oh well.
  2. The Lodge
    Well a buddy and I were going to try and hunt Hawkeye Saturday AM. We make it about a mile from the ramp and the boat tire explodes (Don't buy Carlisle tires.. JUNK) Went to change the tire, didn't have the correct wrench. Who every was walking in hunting and let me borrow there 4 way wrench...
  3. The Lodge
    Are heading to the marsh and going out at mid night or are already sitting at the marsh???? I plan on walking into the pond about 45 min before shooting time and getting stuff set up and wait.
  4. The Lodge
    I got this in an e-mail today, some of these guys are pretty wild looking. I especially like the 3rd one down. Creatures - Found At Seaside After TSUNAMI .. .. As everyone knows, the tsunami in Southeast Asia was devastating both in the loss of life and economically to the region. However...
  5. The Lodge
    I'm pretty new to the idea of asking people permission to hunt their land, and as far as asking in advance, I am not sure the general "rule." I was priviledged/LUCKY enough to hunt private ground most of my life, but it's hard making the 3 hr drive each weekend back to the area to hunt. I was...
  6. The Lodge
  7. The Lodge
    I have changed my name from The-Real-Knobby, to Knobbers. Just wanted everyone to know. P.S. It feels like spring will never come with all this snow :x Cant wait for turkey season!!
  8. The Lodge
    call me crazy but i was thinking about the early goose season the other day while looking at a bean field. from above beans at the right stage give the illusion in my opinion to a hay field. so as i looked at this i was wondering if you put your decoys on extra long stakes so that they appeared...
  9. The Lodge
    A guy on the Foiles Forum posted this up. Pretty nuts.
  10. Bird Movement
    Right before I left for Canada I was out packing the Xterra and the sky was just full of these hawks. There was over 500 for sure. From my grove north that is all I could see. All the specks in the pic are birds. Anyone else seen anything like this???
1-10 of 10 Results