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  1. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Squaw Creek Report 02/21/11 - 172,761 Snows, 85% ice covered (Refuge Wetlands Frozen ) Mound City Weather
  2. Field Hunting
    is it illegal to use a 4wheeler to tear up a spot you are gonna hunt in a snow covered field? i heard that it was, but was watching a video where guys were raking the snow really good exposing the field where they were gonna put the decoys.
  3. The Lodge
    What ever happened to freedom of speech????
  4. Field Hunting
    Wanting to get your opinion of using mojo's out field hunting when there is snow on the fields. Are they less effective at drawing ducks from a distance and getting them to lock up and come in? Since we have had snow in central Iowa our success rate on hunts have gone down quite a bit when...
1-4 of 4 Results