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  1. The Lodge
    Date/Species11/21/11Trumpeter Swan 84 Tundra Swan 0 Canada Geese 722 White-fronted Geese 1,944 Snow Geese 201,145 Total Geese 203,829 Mallard71,095 Gadwall 824 American Widgeon 5 Green-wing Teal 4,820 Blue-wing Teal 0 Cinnamon Teal 0 Northern Shoveler 714 Northern Pintail...
  2. The Lodge
    Took a trip around Saylorville. About 200+ mix of greenheads, teal, and gaddys north of Jester boat ramp on the far north shore. 15 gaddys next to the boat ramp. The geese are still out on the grass flats. Be careful the water is getting low, and there is a hard crust 3 inch thick of hard mud...
  3. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Snow cover, bird count and weather for Squaw Creek and Grand Pass 02/12/11 SNow cover link - 4 day weather outlook No birds @ Squaw (last report 2 weeks ago, still locked up)...
  4. The Lodge
    Guys here is the link to the weekly bird counts throughout the state.
  5. Conservation Forum
    Where do you find the weekly reports that the DNR puts out? I was at Sweets Thursday when they did theirs and Big Marsh Friday Morning when they did it there. Just wondering what the link is to see the numbers.
  6. The Lodge
    Iowa pheasant count is second-lowest Associated Press • September 11, 2009 Another bad year for pheasant hunting is shaping up in Iowa because of poor weather and the loss of habitat. A statewide count shows the second-lowest number of birds on record - 15.5 pheasants per 30-mile route, down...
  7. Conservation Forum
    Wow they have some good numbers down there right now!!!!!!! Not to many snows though compared to what is there in the spring.
  8. The Lodge
    Who is going????? I am going to head down there for sure on Saturday. Will be by myself unless the old man wants to ride along. Guess I need to call people before Wednesday to ask them if they are free on Saturday. Oh well so who else will be there for sure.
  9. Surrounding States
    Here is a link to check the bird count at squaw creek.
1-9 of 9 Results