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  1. Field Hunting
    Had a good shoot tonight. 4 of us were 3 shy of a limit of greenheads plus we had a bonus gaddy. It sucks that the season ends tomorrow, lots of ducks on the big lake still.
  2. Field Hunting
    Need recommendations on how to get some geese to cross a road to hit a bean field.there hitting a big corn field now that I can't get into at the moment but have access to the half picked beans across the road. Hope to put out 32 full bodies and another 25 magnum shells. Am I missing anything...
  3. Southern Zone
    got done choppin today.200 locals moved in before sunset.they can smell it like us smellin the neighbors BBQ firein up......
  4. The Lodge
    1st corn field getting cut today, a little early?? I will ask for permission tomorrow, probably get shot down, but what the hell.....It would be a great field for early goose.
  5. Outdoor Photography
    Last weekend, I finally had the time to load up the Polaris with a few decoys and drive to a small section of standing corn that a few geese had been hitting off and on for a few weeks. Luckily for me, they arrived that afternoon and I had a good opportunity to shoot some neat photographs. I...
  6. The Lodge
    The season is over but the fun still remains for photographers. The past sunny morning, I was out shooting the camera at the co-op buffet the geese have been enjoying the past few weeks. Surprising the smart little suckers didn't come as close as I thought they would so I didn't get the shots...
  7. The Lodge
    The last day of the 2009-2010 Iowa goose season turned out to be one I will not soon forget. I got a call at about 8 last night saying that the mother load had been found and permission had been granted. The boys said they started at about 2pm yesterday, but we figured with the warmer...
  8. Deer Forum
    Did anyone else have lots of standing corn near where they deer hunt. We still have feilds up NOW. All the big bucks would run from one to the other. U couldnt get them out. Anyways i was just wondering?
1-8 of 8 Results