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  1. The Lodge
    Anybody got any info on the calling contest in Moline Il. coming up? Thanx
  2. The Lodge
    Iowa State Duck Place Name Hometown Call Maker 1 Mitch Downs Webster City, IA USA Echo Championship Calls 2 Rob Bevins Belle Plaine, IA USA Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls 3 Dan Oberfoell Dubuque, IA USA Echo...
  3. The Lodge
    Hooters annual Bikini Contest.....
  4. Big Game Forum
    We are looking for the best photo of your 2009 Iowa gun harvest. This contest will run during the dates of your REGULAR gun season only and can be pictures of does or bucks, we just want to see the best photo of you WITH your harvest. We also would like a picture of your carcass tag submitted...
  5. The Lodge
    Closest guess on GROSS score will get a free Gamehide Hat in Mossy Oak Duck Blind camo($19.95MSRP)! Here is the buck! Here is the Hat! 1 guess per user, contest ends tommorow night at 7 pm! Good Luck and thanks Gamehide!
  6. The Lodge
    If a person was going to put on a calling contest what month out of the year would seem to work the best???? Just curious to hear opinions from people here that do calling contests.
  7. The Lodge
    guys i have been busy with my lab having puppys again so i got the calls shipped today for the guys who won one... hope you enjoy them and hunt with them and let me know how they work for ya.. Thanks Tim Schultz
  8. The Lodge
    Ok guys I am new to this type of deal and am not even close to being good enough to enter one of these things. We just opened our new store and had some local interest in a local calling contest. I have talked to a couple of guys and got some ideas but looking for more. Now this will be a low...
  9. The Lodge
    Guys if you are free in SE Iowa here is a good contest to go watch!!!
  10. The Lodge
    If anyone is interested in going to Brookings I'm heading up there on Saturday June 27 in the morning and will head back on Sunday. My dad and buddies have stuff going on so I'm looking to split the costs. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  11. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Anyone on here besides Al and myself going to this on Saturday in Mankato? Any of you northern Iowa guys going? It'd be a short drive for ya'll.
  12. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Iowa State Duck Calling Contest Type: State Championship Duck Date: 2/7/2009 Location: Burlington, IA USA Contact: Randy Vorwerk Phone: 319-758-0873 Email: [email protected] Sanctioned, the winner qualifies for the World Championship in Stuttgart, Arkansas...
  13. Outdoor Photography
    I checked out the thread last night and planned on posting a few pictures and now I can't find it. I figured it would be underneath this forum but I can't find it. Help a newbie out 8)
  14. The Lodge
    Please choose wich one of the three pics you think is the best mixed bag. We will vote till midnight nov. 9th.
  15. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Hello , is anyone going to be at the calling contests at southern Illinois Hunting and Fishing days this year ? If stop by and see myself and Brian of LetEmWork custom calls in the first booth across from Tim grounds. We'll have many items and enjoy meeting other hunters.
  16. Conservation Forum
    Event Details: Arrowhead DU BBQ Contest When: Friday, July 11, 2008 Event Type: Barbecue Location: Ankeny, IA Contact Name: Chuck Streeter Phone: (515)244-2872 Contact Email: [email protected] Arrowhead DU BBQ Contest Ankeny, Iowa 2 days-Begins 7/11-7/12 2008...
41-56 of 60 Results