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  1. The Lodge
    Hey could someone fill me in on the conditions at Brushy Creek? Water level, food, birds moving, thanks!
  2. Southern Zone
    I've been to Riverton looking around a couple times in the past month but did not hunt the early season. Wondering what the guys who hunted the early opener thought of the conditions. I see the DNR habitat conditions report states the water is near crest levels but it appears to be low water...
  3. Conservation Forum
    The managers have updated many of the areas to reflect changes in water level conditions since the early season. It is posted at;tabid=1605 Here is a link to the US drought monitor. It is pretty obvious the...
  4. Conservation Forum
    The wetland habitat reports from the Wildlife Bureau Management Biologists have been compiled and are posted at
  5. Conservation Forum
    The wetland habitat condition across Iowa have been posted at We plan on adding links to make the document easier to use. It is posted “as is” for now so it is available prior to Saturday’s opener. Migration counts. The goal...
  6. The Lodge
    The contract for the repair of the Hartford Levees and the Swan Refuge pumping station will need to be approved by the DNR commissioners on the second Thursday, September 10th. Once approved, the repairs will be done as soon as possible, weather permitting. The repairs will not be complete for...
  7. Conservation Forum
    Delta Waterfowl eNewsletter - August 2009 A Summary of Habitat Conditions Across the Breeding Grounds from Delta Waterfowl.
  8. Conservation Forum
    Breeding Conditions Are Looking Good in the Dakotas On April 30, 2009 John Devney reports to Billly Hildebrand of KFAN Outdoors about his amazing spring snow goose hunt and the great wetland conditions he's seeing in the Dakotas. "I think we're really on the verge of some really good duck...
  9. The Lodge
    The DNR wetland habitat conditions report is now available at:
  10. Southern Zone
    Waterfowl hunters considering these two areas will find improved conditions considering the spring floods and weather conditions since. DNR officials recently (really did) over flew Riverton and Forney; their photos reveal favorable water levels and open areas -- at Forney, even in the east...
  11. Conservation Forum
    Duck numbers plummet due to dry conditions By: Todd Burras, Outdoors Editor 07/11/2008 The news keeps getting grimmer for bird hunters. Earlier this week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Canadian Wildlife services released their waterfowl breeding population survey that shows a 39 percent...
  12. Surrounding States
    Nebraska Waterfowl Conditions Good June 22, 2008 By: NewsEngine Category: Waterfowl Hunting News LINCOLN, Neb. - Spring rains have cast a hopeful light on waterfowl conditions in Nebraska this year. Mid-June conditions are better this year than they have been in several years, according to...
  13. The Lodge
    Habitat Conditions in North-Central U. S. – June 3, 2008 Spring precipitation in the form of snow and rain improved habitat conditions for waterfowl production in many areas of the Northern Great Plains. Excellent habitat conditions are present over much of Nebraska, including the...
1-13 of 13 Results