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  1. Conservation Forum
    Folks as sportsmen but most importantly as a waterfowling community this action by you could help restore Isolated Wetland protections under CWA. Clean Waters Act: Please take the time and visit this Response page to congress over CWA protections and lend a hand if you can...
  2. The Lodge
    I hate Harley Motorcycles!!!!!!!!!! I can appreciate a great throaty V8 but Harley Motorcycles just sound awful and very offensive noise pollution. I can be talking to someone and some turd will pull up and rev up his junk like the biggest bad ass in the world cause he is wearing leather and I...
  3. Conservation Forum
    Public Comments Needed! …on third round of Iowa stream assessments The third round of stream assessments has been completed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR.) As a result, they are proposing to downgrade protections for 408 stream segments! The DNR is requesting comments from...
1-3 of 3 Results