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  1. The Lodge GUTWRENCH - GOOSE (never heard of this) The fast, easy and clean way to gut your birds in the field. Simply insert through vent, twist one bull turn and pull. FRIDAY...
  2. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    any body use these calls if so what kind and how do they sound?
  3. The Lodge
    Any one catch the new D C tv show? Looks like it was a wet season down there. Good show, shows like that will make the July and August drag.
  4. The Lodge
    Duck Commander Season 2 Premiers June 29th. I didn't see season 1 so I may program it on the DVR. How was season one?? DUCK COMMANDER SHOW TIMES: Tuesday 7:00AM EST, 7:30PM EST Sunday 9:30AM EST, 3:00PM EST To see a preview, follow the link below:
  5. The Lodge
    Since this is only about an hour North of the border, some of the guys here may be interested in attending. So just a friendly heads up is all. Duck Commander commands attention “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson of Monroe, La. will be in at the Mankato, MN Scheels Store, Saturday, Aug. 1...
1-5 of 6 Results