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    if anyone has one for sale let me know
  2. Classifieds
    Avery Double Duty Retriever Platform. Used once on the boat, comes with everything pictured. $75 picked up in Omaha, will ship at buyers expense. Innotek ADV-300 training collar. 300 yard range, 7 stimulation levels with tone option, rechargeable/waterproof receiver. In perfect working...
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    Dogtra 280NCP Training Collar *SOLD* PLEASE REMOVE Hello, I have a Dogtra 280NCP Training Collar that comes with all the accessories such as charger, lanyard, box, instructional booklet etc... This is used just a handful of times is all. It is an excellent collar and very reliable. It is...
  4. Classifieds
    I have a Dog Radartron Modle #77-DT shock collar for sale. It is about 8 years old now. Still very good shape and still holds a excellent charge. I would use it about 2 hours everyday and it would only need charged once or twice a week just depending on level I used it on and how much. It has 6...
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    don't need anything special my buddy just needs one for some obedience training for a house dog (husky) so just a regular old unit is all we need Thanks guys
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    Does anyone have a shock collar that will fit a 100lb+ dog that they will be willing to part with? Reply or shoot me a pm with a price. Thanks
  7. Classifieds
    Looking for an ecollar for my pup. PM or post if you have one available. Thanks.
  8. The Lodge
    well today was a new field that i have been watching the birds pile into.. We took a new guy and me and Mikie teamed up on a collar!!! :D :D I left both bands on this one even though the leg band is thin :lol: :lol: :wink: This one was banded in Ontario in 1997 !!!! Second oldest band...
  9. Gun Dog Forum
    My tri tronics flyway special took a crapper on me after 7 yrs :wink: The battery leaked on to the board... I bought a new battery from tt but it wouldn't fix the problem.. so my ? is has any of you sent in a collar to CC for refurbishment? Can you really send a check in the collar box or do...
  10. Gun Dog Forum
    I am looking for some reviews on a dog collar. It is the Sport DOG Brand Field Trainer SD-400. Has anyone used this, or know anyone that has used this? Any comments? Thanks
  11. Gun Dog Forum
    Guys I am looking into getting a shock collar for my dog for this fall in the field while field hunting. What does everyone have and what do you recommend. I trained him without a shock collar and has only had one on a few times while I have been pheasant hunting with my brothers shorthairs...
  12. Gun Dog Forum
    Got my AKC newsletter and found this interesting so thought I would post it here A Brief History of Dog Collars Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. Proof has been found of domesticated dogs as early as 5000 B.C. As soon as man began to appreciate his canine counterparts, dog...
  13. The Lodge
    Adam better hurry!!! :lol: we saw a orange neck collar today and im going after him tomorrow.. :D I saw over 25 leg bands in the last 2 days so it should be ON!! I have never waited it out for a collar but now since they are not doing them anymore i may pitch a tent!! :twisted: we also have a...
1-13 of 13 Results