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  1. Gear Giveaways
    Hey folks, First and foremost, thanks to Dakota Decoys for donating decoys for this contest. Okay so since a lot of you guys like our social interaction giveaways, we have another one and are offering some decoys. Prize: 6 Dakota Lessers What you must do: Once this thread reaches 5,000...
  2. The Lodge
    I think Iowa should at least do a test of it for a couple of years. I don't think this would harm the local breeding population. I know of a few of them that see heavy migrations from late November on. What are your thoughts?
  3. The Lodge
    Snowmobile trail closed due to Traffic Jam
  4. Surrounding States
    Just wanted to get your thoughts on this. Should the closed canada zones be opened when we hit the last split in canada season? My thinking is it that they should be except for any public water and public land next to the water. I know they close these areas for local birds to nest in those...
  5. Predator Hunting & Trapping
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DECEMBER 3, 2009 OTTER SEASON CLOSED WEDNESDAY DES MOINES – The otter quota has filled and the season is closed as of 6 p.m., Wednesday, beginning the 48 hour grace period for trappers to report any animals to a conservation officer and receive their proper tags. The...
  6. The Lodge
    This might be old news to sum but i heard at my DU meeting the other night that the owners filed bankruptcy and the chain got sold. The Sioux Falls store and a few others locked the doors. Thats to bad it was a great place to swing into once in a while.
  7. Conservation Forum
    Some of the area goose hunters would like Elk Creek Pool A to be a goose refuge. A protected roost. IDNR is mulling over the idea. I can certainly see both sides, I've water hunted on the island for geese many times in the past but the last few years there has been a massive shift to field...
  8. The Lodge
    Can someone clarify the reason or where specifically these counties are closed? Is it because they have a refuge in them? I have prime area in Butler County, but reading the regs it says I can't hunt there. Or is it just at the Big marsh?
  9. The Lodge
    DES MOINES — Recreational boating is now prohibited on rivers and streams in Henry County. Similar bans are also in place in Lee County and the Mississippi River from mile marker 169 to 482.9, an area from Rock Island, Ill., to St. Louis, by the U.S. Coast Guard. Meanwhile, the Iowa...
  10. The Lodge
    Major Portion of Mississippi River Closed to Boating; DNR Continues to Advise Boaters to Stay Off Rivers and Reservoirs Posted: June 15, 2008 DES MOINES — The Mississippi River has been closed to recreational boating from mile marker 169 to 482.9, an area from Rock Island, Ill., to St...
  11. Fishing Forum
    IOWA CITY – Boat ramps along the Iowa River from the Coralville Dam through the city limits of Iowa City were closed Saturday morning due to flooding. In the interest of public safety, the DNR, in cooperation with the City of Iowa City, closed the ramps and are asking boaters to stay off the...
1-12 of 12 Results