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  1. The Lodge
    Hello, If there are any of you guys in the Des Moines or surrounding area, please shoot me a PM or post up. I have a couple questions. Thanks
  2. Northern Zone
    Well I'm sitting here in my truck out at our spot & just wanna say shoot em up everyone but more importantly be safe & be respectful!!!! Nothing like a slough full of Mallards waiting for me in the morning :-)
  3. Turkey Forum
    Snuck into a toms zone this morning(he was gobbleing his damn head off), got as close as I knew I could(I could see him) and started calling. This tactic has worked 100% of the times I've ever done it. Was thinking this shot is gonna be loud, called again, I thought I only need this bird to...
  4. The Lodge
    Picture taken this morning before the action hit.
  5. Turkey Forum
    Well, I was finally able to get out and scout last night after work. I get to the timber I hunt and go right to where my uncle said he saw a big tom struttin and showin off his stuff. So I went out and looked around and found a huge print that looked fresh from the day before... "bingo, here's...
  6. The Lodge
    Listen to this one!!!!!
  7. The Lodge
    Come on Saturday morning. Michigan's duck season open's. But, as it looks according to the weather people, it will be another day for the sunscreen. At least it won't be temps like last year where it was 90 by 1100. :shock: Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.
1-9 of 11 Results