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  1. Sports Talk
    Here is your spanking Detroit. :D
  2. Sports Talk
    Chicago Cubs Commemorative World Series T-Shirt
  3. The Lodge
    Why Chicago didn't get the Olympics
  4. The Lodge
    To say the least it was a blast again this year. Some great new vehicles coming out. Here are a few pics I really like of some of the vehicles. 9 foot western straight blade on an F450 The new ford raptor A dodge challenger
  5. Deer Forum
    I was on my way home from school this evening and came up on about 5 cop cars with their lights flashing. I slowed done to drive past and notice that a deer had been hit and killed. It was near a park/wooded area (yes there are parks/forest preserves here). The funny thing was that the...
  6. The Lodge
    Blasted city folk anyway. I have never heard of a cow biting a person. Give me a break.
1-6 of 6 Results