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  1. The Lodge
    Fellas; I'm sure this isn't the proper place to put this but MHFoutdoors finally has a DVD. After two years of figuring out editing and getting some unreal footage we finally pieced it all the together. You have probably seen some of our clips on you tube which range in view of 9k to 40k...
  2. The Lodge This includes the latest one from Iowa. I am not a military guy but figure I would post this for all who might enjoy going out to the event
  3. Conservation Forum
    You still have the opportunity to express your thoughts on the eight authorized purposes of the Mo River and how the MRAPS process should proceed. It's critically important that the COE hear from you. This is the first opportunity to affect change on the river and have the Missouri River...
  4. Classifieds
    I have a good shot at getting a lease of 800 acres of land 7 sloughs and marshes. My friends have taken me there I have hunted it. Its amazing . SO I am looking for at least four more guys too help share the lease 6 guys 550.00 each gives us 12 months. All hunting rights to property. There are...
  5. Turkey Forum
    Ross's 4th season Tom Public land. 10.5 " Beard 3/4" Spurs I will put more details about the hunt on our website, need some sleep now though.
  6. The Lodge make a difference. Read the following (from a current DNR employee) to understand what some of the underlying issues are in our DNR and why the quality of our outdoor recreation opportunites has begun to dwindle in past years. I am, along with the sportsmen and women of the state of Iowa...
  7. Conservation Forum
    There is still time to debate the proposed season dates that Guy Zenner will bring forward next week for this year's season, 1st Meeting: There is a change in venue for next week's NRC meeting (because of commission training sessions). The meeting is Thurs. March 11, beginning at 1 p.m. at the...
  8. The Lodge
    I received letters similar to the following from 3 different people on the commission board. She (Janelle Rettig) indicates she is getting plenty of comments. Thank you for writing me about waterfowl hunting seasons. I'm receiving a large amount of comments and ideas. I am reading them all...
  9. The Lodge
    Heres your chance, Arkansas on Jan 9-11
1-9 of 9 Results