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  1. The Lodge
    This year was supposed to be the best hatch ever, but it sounds like the poeple on the Mississippi flyway didn't see as many as those in the central. Is it a safe assumption that most of the birds fly through the central flyway on the Missourri river corridor? I know I saw more birds then I...
  2. Southern Zone
    Hunted North Central Missouri Saturday on private ground. The property is about 60 miles south of the Iowa border. We got there a little late and the mallards were already working the marsh. We had some big groups of 30-40 come in. We ended the morning with 9 mallards, but the kicker was my...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I'm trying to get an early buck with my Bow this year so that I can focus on ducks in November. I hunt two farms, one in Jasper County, IA. and one in Union, Co. More deer and turkeys at the farm in Union. Also more coyotes. Only heard a few pheasants, but was walking a fenceline back to the...
  4. Vendor Deals Central Prairie Outfitters is coming aboard as a sponsor. Thank you for the sponsorship Cooper, we appreciate it. Info from Central Prairie Outfitters website; Here at Central Prairie Outfitters we strive to deliver the most unforgettable snow...
  5. Southern Zone
    Well, we showed up to our spot at about 330am and there were already a couple vehicles sitting there but they were not hunting our particular spot which we thought was good because it would keep the teal a swinging by again and again. Saw big bunches of teal get up off the big water and they...
  6. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    so i recently bought a 25hp merc as a project that had a seized powerhead due to an overheat. upon tearing the motor down, its actually not too bad, but the motor is going to need a very slight bore job. anyone know of any good specialty machine shops or mercury repair shops near central iowa...
  7. Gun Dog Forum
    Is there anyone around the indianola area that needs someone to throw birds or anything, just lookin for people to train with around the area. I know a lot of guys go to chictaqua or however u spell it but quite frankly I don't feel like spending a tank of gas each time. I can get access to...
  8. Sports Talk
    NL Central standings at the end of the year will be...... St. Louis Cardinals Milwaukee Brewers Cincinnati Reds Chicago Cubs Houston Astros Pittsburgh Pirates And the Cubs still suck.......
  9. The Lodge
    I will be taking Friday off again this week to burn some vacation and if anyone is interested, I would be willing to film your hunt. This footage will be used on Loch'M In's newest DVD, Self Made, if anyone is interested and has hot spot let me know via pm, Thanks Ryan
  10. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    saw about 200,000 flying around northern & central ks this weekend
  11. The Lodge
    I have a chance to go to central Nebraska for a duck / goose hunt. Is there a way to check numbers?? NOt sure if I should do this or sit in tree stand this weekend.
  12. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Saw a small flock around 50 this evening around Otely headed sw better set up on them in the morning lol
  13. Gun Dog Forum
    I moved to Des Moines last summer and have a 1.5 hr old lab that is being finished trained at the moment (Pile work and blind retreives). I plan on having him back in May and am hoping to get involved in a HRC around des moines to continue his training and run hunt tests/field trials. Any...
  14. Sports Talk
    Which team will win the NL Central?
  15. The Lodge
    I will be coming back from school up in ames friday afternoon. I haven't been able to scout so I have no idea where there are birds but i have a 1652 with a mudmotor with full hard sided blind as well as a layout boat and all the gear needed anybody want to hunt? I'm willing to travel a little...
  16. The Lodge
    Headed down on Friday to the Schultz ranch for a weekend of hunting and fishing. Rolled in Friday around 5pm and Tim and I headed out to check some fields. Our scouting turned up no geese but alot of deer and a 130 to 140 class buck. Without seeing any we went into a hay field on Saturday...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hey fellas I'm new to this forum, but not to the forum world. You can find me on foiles under this name, Iowa Whitetail (bearcat10) and Iowa outdoors mainly (under IAslabslayer). I'll tell ya a little about myself. I'm 21 and I've hunted nearly all my life. I love to waterfowl, it's always...
  18. New Member Introductions
    My name is Keith and I'm from Long Grove Ia, were I live with my wife Sarah and my 4 Labs. I have been hunting for 20+ year's mainly for waterfowl. These day's I spend 80+ day's chasing waterfowl in all diffrent state's.
  19. Sports Talk
    Just thought I would start the thread for this year!!!! The brew crew is starting strong. :lol: :lol: :lol: GO CUBS GO!!!! TEAM W L % GB Chicago 7 4 .636 - St. Louis 8 5 .615 - Cincinnati 6 5 .545 1.0 Pittsburgh 6 6 .500 1.5 Houston 4 8 .333 3.5 Milwaukee 4 8 .333 3.5
1-19 of 36 Results