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    There is a thread on Iowasportsman saying that they found bighead carp in East Boji. I really hope that this is just a rumor. That would be terrible.
  2. Fishing Forum
    Well today I caught a lot of fish but not many keepers. So eventually I got bored so I decided to do a little snagging below Red Rock. About 20 mins into snagging I hooked into this guy, 23 lbs 11 oz, put up a great fight. This fish was CPRed but not before having its gills cut out!
  3. Fishing Forum
    Fishing turned profitable at Cerro Gordo County's Clear Lake last week as contract commercial fishermen netted and removed more than 20 tons of rough fish from north central Iowa's largest and most important fishery. But before the corralled pests were officially evicted from the lake...
1-3 of 3 Results