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  1. The Lodge
    I'm sitting here watching Barrett/Jackson Collector Car Auction and was wonder what you would call your dream car. Mine would have to be a '57 to '62 Corvette with a big block.
  2. The Lodge
    Wrapped his car around a tree, it caught on fire. I believe it was a 911 Turbo, it was completely destroyed. :/
  3. The Lodge
    My GF and I got into an interesting discussion last night. If you're carrying a gun in your car and you felt threatened by another person (with a knife, gun, etc.) and you did NOTHING to provoke the person. Would you pull the trigger, if you displayed the gun (if the person had a knife) and...
  4. The Lodge
    OK so I had front brakes and rotars replaced, readjustment to U brakes or something, tire rotation, and a oil change. 374$ later drive off the lot and if I let go of the wheel I'd go directly across traffic and in the ditch in 1 second. Do I have a gripe about my new alignment situation or...
  5. Sports Talk
    Tiger Woods hurt in car accident in front of his Florida home Much remains unclear about the 2:25 a.m. crash and why he was out at that hour. The golfer's wife uses club to break a back window to get him out of car. The initial media reports that instantly spread around the globe sounded dire...
  6. The Lodge
    Buy a Car, Get an AK-47 Mark Muller, owner of Max Motors in Butler, MO, gained his 3 1/2-year-old company national notoriety in August 2008 when it gave away vouchers for a handgun with every vehicle sold that month. Sales went up 35 percent. This year’s August promotion offered vouchers for...
  7. The Lodge
    Difficult to put on car??
  8. The Lodge
    Wonder whatever happend to even some of the high end cars that went in for cash for clunkers There are over a hundred videos showing engines being destroyed. I think that would have fun to destroy engines espically if you could run them down a straight away.
  9. The Lodge
    Squad car hits deer Watch "Squad car hits deer"
1-11 of 11 Results