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    Looking for a new duck and goose call to practice with for next year!! Any ideas? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
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    Hey guys i just picked one of these calls up and love it. wonderin if anyone else out there is runnen them and wat they think.
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    After season Fire Sale: 5 acrylic MVP's (2 older style and 3 new - various colors) $100/each (includes shipping). All come with original box and RNT bag 1 bocote Daisy Cutter $60/ (includes shipping) with box and bag. All calls are in excellent condition. 14ft Naden v-hull w/shorelandr...
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    I have two Goose calls that I do not know the maker. Does anybody have any info.
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    Show Details: Show: Kelly Outdoors - Howard Avery of Mac Island Calls Date/Time: Jan 11, 2012 8:00 PM CST Listen: And do not forget, if you want to call in live and speak with the...
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    Deadicated Goose Calls is coming aboard as a sponsor. Thank you Taylor for sponsoring our sites, we appreciate it. Info from Deadicated Goose Calls site; Deadicated Goose Calls was created with the goose hunter in mind. Our calls were designed for use...
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    I have the following calls for sale. All but one have never seen the field, or never been used at all. RNT TIMBER HAWG COCABOLA (2 for sale) 60.00 and 50.00 RNT DIABLO COCABOLA 60.00 RNT SHORT BARRELL COCABOLA 50.00 RNT MACROHEN COCABOLA ***SOLD*** BANDED CALLS BONZAI DOUBLE REED PECAN...
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    Ok I think he is as big of a douch bag as everyone else but I just picked up a foiles Migrator Crime Scene for $51 brand new in the bargin cave at Cabelas. The guy said that Cabelas is liquidating all his stuff and not carrying it anymore.
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    If you happen to have one you'll part with please PM me. Thanks
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    Paypal or money order accepted. No trades, please. Field Proven Shot Caller. SOLD Basin Waterfowl Calls Speck Crusher, 9.5/10. $100 Shipped to lower 48. Zink Poly PH-2. New, never used. Sold Pending Payment
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    Does anyone have experience with these? I've reviewed the site a few time and I am in the market for both a duck and goose call. I love the idea of supporting an Iowa call maker, just wanting to see if anyone on here uses them and what reviews you have. Thanks!
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    I have a 14yr old son that wants to start goose n duck hunting with me. Wat do peps think is the easiest short reed to start him out on? I use a lynch mob executioner.
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    1. Zink sr-1 used in great shape. 9/10 condition. All black 80$ 2. Zink money maker in great shape 9/10 condition. All interference green. 80$ 3. Foiles SSH in good shape 8.5/10 condition. Black mouth piece white insert . 80$ 4. Foiled SSH in good shape. 8.5/10 condition. Clear mouth...
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    Just a heads up to everyone Cabelas has a lot of duck and goose calls on sale. Looks like some pretty good prices at first glance. Haven't compared or shopped around.
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    Zink SR-1 cocabola - $60 shipped Tim Grounds Super Mag acrylic - ivory - $90 shipped Lynch Mob Executioner salt n pepper - $50 shipped Lynch Mob Slipknot Hybrid black/white pearl - $100 shipped PM or email me at [email protected] with questions
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    Lynch Mob Stranglehold single reed in smoke - $60 shipped Hobo ICU2 black/purple - SOLD Lares T-1 black/green - $115 shipped PM or email me at [email protected] with questions
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    Things are happening very fast at our store. We just got hooked up with Tanglefree and Tim Grounds Championship Calls. It's also like Christmas in October because all the G&H product arrived today. The Weather Vane decoys are amazing. Stop by and see them, Kerry
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    GHG Lookers $130- Few seasons old with a few nics and scratches. Flocking on heads is worn in places but all standard wear. Bass Pro Floater $30- Several seasons old, Paint is fairly worn but could be touched up. Zink Money Maker $80- Couple seasons old, standard lanyard wear. Zink PH2...
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    LMC GOOSE NOOSE $75 shipped foiles SMH $80 shipped RNT quackhead speck call. brand new. i dont even know how to use this thing. $10 shipped bernie boyle short reed 10/10 never used. $100 shipped muddy dog lanyard. teal and maroon, $25 shipped open to trade also.