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  1. The Lodge
    The new dvd from Calef Calls is ready and available for purchase at Check it out! Championship Acrylic Ducks Calls | Single Reed Duck Calls | Double Reed Duck Calls - Calef Calls
  2. The Lodge
    Calef Calls would like to invite you to have an opportunity to name the new double reed duck call coming out! Join the Calef Calls Group on Facebook and post your Duck Call name. If the call name you submit is chosen to be used by Calef Calls you will win a free Acrylic Call of your choice. Good...
  3. The Lodge
    Three Time World Duck Calling Champion Barnie Calef has finally produced what many have been asking for.... An instructional duck calling dvd "Calling Ducks My Way" Barnie's no nonsense approach to learning to blow a duck call will not only have you sounding like a duck, but he shows ducks...
  4. The Lodge
    "Keepin' It Real" Calef Calls available July 2010 on the website
  5. The Lodge
    Any one else excited about Barney Calef's seminar at pheasant fest? its saturday at 2 i think or 1 i can't remember. T think I'm going to go try and watch. Anyone Else?
  6. Classifieds
    Trying to clean out the call case and hunting closest. All items for sale include shipping. Pmt method prefered is money order but can take other means if neccessary. Brand New Calef Calls Shocker Single Reed Duck Call: Black Cherry/Pearl - Coming Soon on his website New $125...
  7. The Lodge
    The Single Reed Acrylic Call named the Shocker..... The Double reed duck call named The Barn Burner...... The Short Reed Goose call named The Band Hog.... These things a awesome guys.... Barn has out done himself if you ask me... Lots more colors to come... the ones above are Black Cherrywood...
1-7 of 9 Results