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  1. The Lodge
    Going to put the duck decoys away and hunt geese the rest of the year. Poorest year we have had hunting here in 31 years. Poorest being total numbers, and the million dollar question is why? I live 65 miles east of the Mo. River, flooding for several months this summer filled everything that...
  2. The Lodge
    Wow, monday is the 21st and Mr. Foiles starts his jail time. I wonder if jeff will have a new instructional cd when he gets out. Titled" Calling inmates the straight meat way" The greeting call " Hey big boy!", The comeback call " You know you want me ", and the laydown call " Bend over bitch ".
  3. The Lodge
    Penn state is givin him the boot! bet they win at most 1 game the rest of the reg. season!
  4. The Lodge
    Dear community, I regret to inform you that will be shut down. This was not my choice, but that of your administrators. Below are the list of websites that will be shut down this coming Friday:
  5. The Lodge
    I know this is different for Iowa folks trust me this is the first year I have been involved in wheat. When I am out in Illinois in the summer I head up there and help a farmer who lets me hunt his land. Here are a few pics of the wheat field we took out.
1-5 of 5 Results