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  1. Deer Forum
    Here are two bucks my brothers group shot. One 10 and one 13 pointer. This is my buddies first season Iowa buck. Sorry for the bad pic. It is from the picture phone.
  2. The Lodge
    This was forwarded in an email to me today... Meigs Co. ODNR Officer This is the result of three bucks all fighting for one lady. They had the bank of this creek all tore up. All together I estimated the deer to score well over 400 inches of antler. The biggest one was a massive 6x5, approx...
  3. Surrounding States
    19 points the hard way: Hunter bags two bucks with their antlers locked. TOWN OF MARCELLON - For Jon Christian, earning a couple of bucks was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One deer was a 10-point buck, the other was a nine-pointer. They were locked, literally, in mortal combat...
  4. Deer Forum
    Well I was duck hunting this weekend but seen more bucks than does for a change! Diffently a pre rut going on. Seen bucks boucing around tending scrapes and licking branches. hopefully a big boy is cruising towards you!! I am still hopefully just a couple weeks from spending time in the stands .
  5. Conservation Forum
    Federal duck stamp on sale June 25, still 15 bucks, thought it was going to 25 this year?? There are few less expensive and more productive ways for you to invest dollars in wildlife conservation than buying a federal duck stamp. (The new one goes on sale June 25.) Formally known as Federal...
  6. Deer Forum
    The past 4 days were very action packed and full of fun for Ross and I. Ross started it off on Friday when he shot a nice Southern Iowa buck with 15 scoreable points. Then Saturday it was off to the flooded cornfield with Al, Tyler, Curt and Steve. A total of 24 ducks and 4 honkers were...
  7. The Lodge
    These bucks were out behind the parents house this past week. Guess I need to maybe hit the treestand. Got a ricky rack on the camera also.
  8. Decoy Forum
    The past century is often referred to by waterfowl hunters as America's Golden Age of Shotgunning. Although sky darkening clouds of ducks and geese indeed seemed limitless, hunters of yesteryear enjoyed little in the way of "store bought" equipment. Decoys, for example, were often hand carved...
1-8 of 9 Results