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  1. The Lodge
    A couple of pics of Murral Stark duck hunting down at Buck's place. That would be an awesome hunt. Info from Murral; This was at Buck's place. We only got to hunt with him on Saturday, but we hunted Thursday and Friday on our own. We had full run of the place. We limited out all 3 days. Weather...
  2. Deer Forum
    Shot him around 4:15 tonight. About 5 minutes after I started my hunt! I was walking into the north side of the property to slowly still hunt my way back to the truck. Saw a big doe so I dropped into a clump of grass. Waited a bit and here came my buck with a little buck trailing him. The...
  3. Deer Forum
    My cousin's buddy shot this with his bow in November.
  4. Deer Forum
    This is from last years muzzleloader season 2 of my daughters each got their deer on the same night. It was Madies first buck!
  5. Deer Forum 5g for a squirt of semen!
  6. Deer Forum
    He came in to the DSD Buck decoy and left bloody...
  7. Deer Forum
    i got alot of pics of this buck during the 09 bow season and but could never get him within 50yds to get a real good look at him. then it was a tough choice if i would take him or not. Well im glad i never took a shot because tonight after not seeing him at all last year i seen him. And hes a...
  8. Big Game Forum
    just thought i would share what i found.. myself along with alot of others people can guess what a deer scores and be within 5" either way pretty consistantly...but not everyone has the time to take it to get offically scored and alot of times its not worth the time and or money if the buck isnt...
  9. The Lodge
    This in the morning on Sat. 24.5lbs, 1 1/4" R and 1" L, Beard #1 10.25", Beard #2 9.75" Then this at 9pm at night driving home from Easter at the Wifes Family's.
  10. Taxidermy Forum
    Already got it back! Very pleased with the results
  11. Deer Forum
    So after sitting in the stand for 2 weeks all day long we finallly got a nice buck to come in and got video footage of it. We pushed the time and day to the wire.. shot at 5:25 on the last night of season wich is 25 minutes before it ended..would of had 12 points if it didnt break a few...
  12. Big Game Forum
    He wasn't a monster by any means but an old buck. Check him out on our big game site.
  13. Deer Forum
    Skipped the first class of the day on friday and drove 60 miles home to get a few traps set and go bowhunting. Then drive back to school for 1 class and work and back home again that night. Buddy's called me crazy, but who's the crazy one now! Got 11 'rats and 1 ****. Not too much of a story on...
  14. Deer Forum
    Here is a picture of my first Archery Buck. I had seen 6 bucks last Thursday on this property and hadn't made it out since. I saw a nice buck about 830 walking towards me but he disappeared into the brush and I never saw him come out. A little 6 point came across the ridge next to me a little...
  15. Surrounding States
    My cousin Shane arrowed a buck last weekend, northern WI, here's the pics
  16. Surrounding States
    Wautoma WI man may have landed a record-breaking buck Brian Inda (right) of Wautoma WI and Craig Carpenter of Wild Rose pose with the 12-point buck that Inda killed bowhunting last Tuesday in Wild Rose. The buck is a potential state record; its shed antlers from last year are shown on the...
  17. Deer Forum Gal hit this one in WI, they are talking it could be one of the largest whitetails ever killed with a bow by a female.
  18. Big Game Forum
    Chandler was 6 yrs old then (he's 10 now). Man what a fun day that was. We hunt more than waterfowl...
  19. The Lodge
    I got this pic off my trail cam. Anyone got an idea how big he is?
  20. Classifieds
    I won this in a raffle and I certainly have enough goose calls. Its acrylic and sounds pretty good. New, but I've blown it a few times. Looks like it is engraved and dated by buck in July. They sell new for $59.99 at Cabelas, but I'd take $55.00 for it shipped.
1-20 of 48 Results