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  1. The Lodge
    Went down to where I have my blind setup this morning and its froze over pretty good. Walked out maybe 10 feet from shore and the ice didnt even crack or anything. Whos all gonna be out in the morning hammerin away at the ice?
  2. Sports Talk
    Breaking News - Bears' QB Cutler to be Replaced Next Season
  3. The Lodge
    I am still laughing from what happened. My roommate just sent me pictures of glass all over our couch. He said he walked into the living room and there was a perfect hole in the window. As he walked in a hen pheasant fluttered into the air by the dvd rack and landed on the couch and hopped...
  4. The Lodge
    well we went out on friday morning to our public hunting and to our amazement .... nobody there!!! :D So as im running WIDE OPEN in the boat in the dark.... we hit ICE!!! so after slowing down and taking it easy we finnally found some open water.. we managed to scrape down some geese, then as...
1-4 of 4 Results