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  1. Deer Forum
    Found another shooter in the timber now if he would show up during the daylight.............
  2. Mud Motor Talk
    thinking about buying a Fat Boy and putting a 5.5 mud motor on the back. how well would that work out!?! havent ever used one before!
  3. The Lodge
    Took Tucker on his first shed hunting journey today and within 5 minutes he found a shed. We walked for about 3 hours and found 4.. It was fun and he is hooked now !!! :D first one. all 4 of them..
  4. The Lodge
    Cal Wyman joins Schultz Game Calls prostaff.. He is the newest member of the prostaff. I only pic about 1 guy a year to join my prostaff and after Cal has helped me with my calls and products i asked him to join the Staff about 3 months ago.. He has been a great addition to my staff.. I...
  5. The Lodge
    It looks ducky today, hope some of you guys are out in this white stuff.
  6. Classifieds
    I Have a original Mo Marsh fat boy for sale. Great shape located in Dewitt Ia prefer pickup or short meet. $600 That about half of new one with shipping. Boat is 6 years old.
  7. Classifieds
    Upgrading to a 2010 Model All Electric 4x4 Utility -10" Aluminum Rim and Tire Pkg was a 700.00 add -Optional Battery Fill System was a 300.00 Add -Very Low Hours Features- A Picture $6950.00 email [email protected] Located in La Crosse WI area serious inquiries only.
  8. Deer Forum
    Just got an email from a great friend of mine who put down a nice ol deer, he has been working hard the last 5 yrs or so on managing his land, and deer population.... I think it paid off! You know this guy Duckguy? :wink:
  9. The Lodge
    Here's one heck of a deal Jason has come up with! Bad Grammar definitely showed me the way on a short reed. Scott Threinen is an amazing teacher. The gun sling is super comfy and very durable.. Visit
  10. The Lodge Timeing isn't quite right but man is that pretty, with a pretty...
  11. Turkey Forum
    Fat Boy's Turkey By Dan Infalt I was shaken awake by my frantic wife who whispered desperately, "Someone's in the house". A glance at the clock told me it was 2AM. I saw a faint light flash on then off down the hall from the kitchen. From deep sleep to wide awake, I quietly loaded my shotgun...
  12. Big Game Forum
    Amish Boy Harvests 30pt BUCK! Post on our Wisconsin site.
  13. Gun Dog Forum
    1/?/08 Mosteks Big Muddy Lil Buddy "Mick" 9/22/08
  14. Gun Dog Forum
    One of our members posted this at our site and thought I would post it here
1-14 of 14 Results