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  1. Classifieds
    I am selling my dads Left handed Pse Bow Madness Xl. Its camo and 50-60lbs comes barebow for $350.00
  2. The Lodge
    A buddy and I are just starting to get into bow fishing and I'm wondering if you really need a raised platform? I have 6 150 watt HPS lights and was just trying to decide wether to just build a rail to mount them to and just hunt off the boat or building a platform.
  3. Turkey Forum
    His beard is about 1/3 as thick as it was as I frontal shot him in strut. I apologize for the crappy cell pic but I forgot my camera. You sure have a great turkey population in your great state.
  4. Trade or Swap
    I have a PSE Fireflight, probably 5 years old. Still in great shape. Looking to trade for a Browning Barracuda or AMS fish hawk. I dont hunt deer, but I shoot carp, so I want a carp bow. Let me know if you have anything Thanks
  5. Classifieds
    If anybody has a trap thrower, like electric or a set one, that needs some work let me know. Trying to get some for this summer. Also if you have a bowfishing bow, let me know. I have the reel and arrows. Thanks
  6. The Lodge
    Was wondering if anyone has every gone to this? Are there any good deals to be had? Annnual Iowa DNR Gun and Bow Auction IOWA DNR ANNUAL GUN AND BOW AUCTION AT THE FAIRGROUNDS IN DES MOINES SATURDAY MAY 21. NEARLY 600 LONG GUNS and MORE
  7. Big Game Forum
    I broke my release last night on a is the kind that hooks right to the bow string not a loop. Is there a difference??? Can I use one that hooks to a loop????
  8. The Lodge
    thats what my son asked me about a month ago.i sez ya,why not.after all ,weve been to dozens of shoots together.well,,,to make an eight day adventure story short,about 2400 miles short.we just got back from HELENA MONTANA.there is a lot of water and waterfowl tweenst here and there.the dark...
  9. Classifieds
    I have a Bear Instinct Compound Bow like new. I bought it this yr. since the waterfowl season was poor but only hunted once with it due to the length of harvest. I have only drew it back maybe 10 times practicing. It is set at 70 pounds and at a 28 inch draw length. I have a Tru Fire release...
  10. The Lodge
    What would you guys do? I'm off work at noon...not sure if there are ducks in the area but its snowing and cold here in Carroll.
  11. The Lodge
    I share a bow hunting area that is not that big but has deer. The guy shot a deer and it fell near my stand. He decided to field dress it maybe 20 yards away for the stand. This happened on wednesday. How is that going to effect me for the weekend. I am kinda new to this bow thing have always...
  12. Classifieds
    Guys, I have a Renegade Alpha 1 compound bow that I don't need anymore because I just bought a mathews reezen. It has a trophy ridge 5 pin sight, QAD Ultra-Rest fall away rest, String jacks string silencers, limbsaver limb stick-ons, and a new cable put on last year. All that is needed is a...
  13. Classifieds
    Looking for a bow. Prefer something setup and basically ready to shoot. Let me know if you have one you're looking to get rid of. thanks
  14. Big Game Forum
    I have been hunting my buddy Steve's new lease for a few weeks, and there are several deer that I would love to walk past :D . A major coldfront that blew gusts on Monday up to 45 mph from the NW told me to get out there. Last night I had 3 does in range and witnessed 3 bucks (no shooters)...
  15. Classifieds
    Hey guys been looking at getting into bow fishing. I have a bow for deer hunting now but dont want to mess anything up by putting a reel on this one. Looking to get a bow/rests/sights/reel/arrows/etc, everything i need to bow fish. Looking for something in reasonable driving distance of...
  16. Fishing Forum
    Bow Fishing Watch "Bow Fishing"
  17. Turkey Forum
    A link to the WI site to view a bird with a long bow, 21lbs and a 9" and 5" double beard.
  18. The Lodge
    I found this on another forum... Man this is stupid.
1-19 of 24 Results