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  1. Sports Talk
    Don't win the first one can't win em all. Give em the trophy boys
  2. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    I almost grabbed a Ross out of the air. Just missed him.
  3. The Lodge
    Looks like the hawks arent going too the rose bowl after all :!: :lol: :!:
  4. The Lodge
    Wow what a game tonight. Never would have thought they would have come from behind and win!!!
  5. The Lodge
    did the 2minute offense do there job in yesterdays win over the 49ers or what? did anyone watch the game. or did you catch it on ESPN..
  6. Sports Talk
    This kid might have a career as a boxer? He is suspended for the year but yet remains on scholarship what a joke.
  7. The Lodge
    JUDGEMENT DAY. May all your duck calls sing like a soprano and your guns become heat seekers come opening morning Saturday! :lol: I know I'll be doing my best to make it rain a few ducks haha. Al, Derek, and I are headed south in the morning. Probably will not be on the computer again...
1-8 of 8 Results