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    WTTF Bigfoot fullbody feeders and bulls and herters 92 foam bodies & G&H Supermag bla Looking for bigfoot fullbody bulls and feeders in good shape also looking for big foam bodies in good shape preferabbly herter 92`s. Looking to trade of DSD Honkers in like new shape they are the old plastic...
  2. Decoy Forum
    Does anyone have expierence with carry light full bodies? It seems like a really good price, but I have no expierence with the quality of their products.
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    As the title states, I'm looking for goose full bodies. Would prefer Big Foot brand deeks, flocked or unflocked, doesn't much matter. Would also be interested in other brands too, shoot me a PM and let me know what you've got and a price! I'm in the Quad City/Dubuque area and would be willing...
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    I have 4 Greenhead Gear hunter series full bodies for sale, one active has a head glued on and the feeder's base is permanently attached-$60 Also have 1 dozen G&H shells, they have flocked heads and are in pretty good condition, include decoy bag and 11 stakes-$80 Next I have 1 dozen Greenhead...
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    Hey guys I have 8 Final Approach Eliminator full bodies that I am looking to get rid of. Looking to trade right now for any of the following: GHG mallard full bodies GHG mallard shells Will entertain other waterfowl offers. All heads were flocked last summer. Two heads are zip tied on and...
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    i did it right this time the link is what i have on craigslist would be willing to make a deal with someone on here shoot me a pm on here or call or email
  7. Classifieds thanks
  8. Decoy Forum
    I have been thinking about getting a 1/2 dzn full body black ducks or so to fill in with my spread... i only use 12 full curl mallard deks, 12 shovler deks, and 6 pintail drakes...but my thought was that, i hunt alot durring the late season when we get ice hunt around small potholes, if i were...
  9. Decoy Forum
    Was at Bass Pro yesterday they had their FB goose decoys for 60 bucks a 4 pack. I see why took the display one and gave it the scratch test. Yep sure enough the paint came off very easy. Think I will stick with my dakotas.
  10. Decoy Forum
    Just saw these on rogers sporting goods
1-10 of 10 Results