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  1. The Lodge
    My buddy shot a neck coller/leg band and a leg band this mornin up here! Sucks having to work on Fridays, lol
  2. The Lodge
    Got a little bonus with my dove limit tonight.
  3. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Here are some pics of the hard sided blind that the boys from Marshmonster is building me. They have done a fantastic job with it and we have named it the WMD (weapon of mallard destruction). All of the frame work is made from 1" square aluminium tubing and it was skinned with .080 aluminium...
  4. Outdoor Photography
    My dad and I took a little ride this morning to check out all the fowl that's hanging around right now. I took a few pics from afar, did get some nice redheads from a distance. Mallard Hole More Laynard Wear for Next Year Redheads, Mallards, Common Mergansers and Hoodies Even...
  5. The Lodge
    guys i killed another banded bird today.. i think that makes allmost the most ive killed in one season... we are up over 30 now as a TEAM!!! this one today was banded in ohio and was banded on 6-23-03.. smart little fellar!!! we found a field that has over half of the birds banded and one is a...
  6. The Lodge
    hello guys we have been killn' quite a few birds this past 3 weeks.. we have killed 13 bands so far.. most of them from IL, WI, and In.. today i got one banded in Ontario.. cant wait to get the info back on him... here is a pic.. We have not killed any neck collars this year . has anyone seen...
1-7 of 7 Results