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  1. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    I'm starting to get ideas for my blind and would like to see other peoples blinds to give me some more ideas. Let me know what works and what you'd do different. I'm leaning towards a low-low because my motor is a tiller. I'm open to suggestions and ideas. Thanks guys.
  2. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Does anyone know of a company or anyone that makes a fairly light weight portable blind that two guys can shoot out of the top? I've looked at a couple different brands of hay bale style blinds but I don't like the spring steel to fold them back up. Thanks for any info.
  3. Trade or Swap
    i have a cabelas northern flight blind in average condition, bought new last year and didnt use it this year (put on a hard blind). has the cold weather sheets along with woodland leafy camo. fits 18ft boat or smaller lets see what ya got...
  4. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    on you guys that have high-low hard side blind set-ups what dimensions are you using for the height on the high and low sides? Also how much space down the middle are you leaving between the hi and lo sides? I am in the process of making some changes to my blind so I appreciate the input.
  5. Hunting Gear
    Who uses a blind bag and what is your opinion of them? Most of my hunts both duck and geese are walk in. If you use a blind bag what brand do you recammend and which features are needed in a bag?
  6. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Has anyone ever built or know of a blind builder that built a really low profile blind similar to a layout boat but on a 14 or 16 foot boat. I'm wanting to lay across the boat and have the top of the blind not much taller then the side of the boat and big enough for 3 or 4 guys. Im looking for...
  7. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    I'm looking to have a hard sided aluminum blind put on my 2072. Any suggestions of where to go to have this done? I'm really looking for someone who knows how to do this and do it right, maximizing all of my available space and providing a quality product that will last forever. I'm familiar...
  8. Field Hunting
    Hey guys I'm thinking about buying a new blind. My ground force is about done for, unless I can buy a new couple of new bars for the doors. I want something a little bit more roomy so I'm looking at the roger's xl goosebuster or the cabela's ultimate northern flight. Any experience with or...
  9. Classifieds
    Selling hit man layout blind for $130. New this season (used maybe 10 times). In Max4 camo. pick up or meet some place.
  10. Classifieds
    14 ft mud motor and blind SOLD obo
  11. Classifieds
    Im looking for a dog blind, I have a big dog, so bigger the better. Also looking for a layout blind, ground force, finisher, m2 or anything. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks
  12. Classifieds
    I have a buddy looking for a power hunter. If anyone has one they'd like to sell let me know thanks
  13. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Well I'm getting closer! I just have to attach the fast grass and then add in some natural vegetation, finish painting the interior, clean it up, and then take it out to make sure it works! I'm now getting to the fun part, but for awhile I was really sick of working on it. It never seemed as...
  14. Classifieds
    For Sale: 1 Avery Finisher Field Khaki: $100.00 SOLD 1 Avery M2 KW1: $200.00 1 Snow cover for M2: $50.00 1 dz ffd elite lessers with bags: $225.00 SOLD 2 dz sleeper shells: $125.00 per dozen 4 pack of ffd elite resters with bags: $125.00 4.5 dozen pro grades with motion systems and bags...
  15. Classifieds
    Hey I'd like to buy a layout blind pm me for details on what you have
  16. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    I have been lurking a long time; after seeing all of the wonderful blinds people build I decided to try it myself. I used aluminum tubing (1 inch for the support poles, and 7/8 inch for the bows) and will be covering it (using rivets) with .050 aluminum sheeting. I'm not the best at welding...
  17. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    I have a 16ft 60 inches wide with a 16hp mud motor. I want to make a popup blind very light weight. I kinda have ideas, sort of like the Avery, Cabelas, etc. I am going to get the Cabelas 600D fabric and put netting on the outside to put grass on the netting. My questions are what to stay away...
  18. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Well.. late last season I bought a new Beavertail Blind . Bought some fabric off ebay. Not an exact match to what was on the blind, but close enough. I didn't want to paint and put a hard blind on this since I use it for fishing. Then taught myself how to sew. To tell you the truth sewing is...
  19. Vendor Deals
    In the blind with Skyward Wings
  20. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    As the title says....Been working on this one for the last few weeks. Newer trailer, 25 horse Mercury four stroke, paint job, seat removal, floor, and blind. Just a few minor things left and it will be complete. It needs to be wired for lights, piped for heat, and pods on the back. Hope you...
1-20 of 175 Results