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  1. Classifieds
    black synthetic nova for sale. its a few years old, but i still have all the factory chokes. i have a cheap case to go with it and a sling $275 for pickup in ankeny... if someone picks it up this weekend, i might be persuaded to let it go for less
  2. Field Hunting
    Wish could have found some more guys to go. Roomate called me during the Iowa/Nebraska game and said he found a good field. After a couple decoy repositioning it was game on! :D:D
  3. The Lodge GUTWRENCH - GOOSE (never heard of this) The fast, easy and clean way to gut your birds in the field. Simply insert through vent, twist one bull turn and pull. FRIDAY...
  4. The Lodge
    Veterans Day hunts are always interesting- though seldom hugely successful there always seems to be something that happens to make them memorable. A couple of years ago it was an abrupt change to the weather that resulted in the proverbial Armistace Day blizzard, last year it was calm, balmy and...
  5. Classifieds
    I have one black female pup for sale I was going to keep her out of my litter but wont have time . she is AKC ,8 weeks old , first shots sire has Master hunter title both parents are excellent hunters she will make someone a great hunting partner.$275 to a hunting home ......located in eastern Iowa
  6. The Lodge
    My brother just gave me a call and told me about this. Im guessing its in the eastern portion as said it was spotted along river. Also ok to shoot it. Dont know if anyone else has heard this at all. Personally i dont understand the killing of it, but i guess with pheasant weekend coming up...
  7. Classifieds
    Never been used, only 2 yrs old, only on lanyard. $80 Email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  8. Decoy Forum
    Just a picture of the black duck decoys I got. I am pretty impressed so far. The amount of dark on their back should be a great contrast on sunny days in the sheet water.
  9. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Well my new call is coming home this week. I haven't seen it first hand yet, but if it looks 1/2 as good as the picture I will be tickled! She is black cherry pearl acrylic, Single reed. Whatcha all think?
  10. Classifieds
    Black Lab (Female) ***SOLD*** Hello, Okay this is going to be very hard to put her on here for sale, but here we go. I have a Pure Bread, Female Black Lab, (Lu-Lu) that I have up for sale. She is 1 1/2 years old and is an absolute great dog. She would be a great family companion and a...
  11. Gun Rack
    Carlson makes one Patternmaster makes one and I want to know what one is better. Thoughts?
  12. Classifieds
    Our female black lab Jewel is expecting, and so we are pre-selling another litter of what should be outstanding black and yellow lab puppies! This litter is due around the first of May, and the pups should be ready for delivery by mid-June. This is the second time we have bred Jewel to Jake...
  13. Classifieds
    Looking for a black synthetic buttstock/forearm for a Benelli SBE/M1 Super 90. I have an acrylic Ivory Lynch Mob Executioner for trade or cash. Let me know what you got.
  14. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - Black Duck Outfitters Spring Snow Goose Hunts with Black Duck Outfitters Guided Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter and Guides in Manitoba Canada and Maryland for Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Puddle Ducks, Diving...
  15. Gun Rack
    BLACK CLOUD SNOW GOOSE PRODUCT WARNING One lot of Federal Premium® Black Cloud® SNOW GOOSE 12 gauge 3” 1 1/8 oz ammunition (product number PWB143-2) may contain incorrect propellant. The lot number is 4V-01QX425.
  16. Classifieds
    Looking for a Black Lab pup. I was all set up to pick mine up last week and some dude said that he would pay $100 more and the seller agreed. I found out when I was on the road to pick her up. Not a happy camper I am....So yeah, if you are or know someone that has a litter on the way or still...
  17. Classifieds
    Black 26"/60# DXT -26" draw length -60# draw weight *Black riser *Black limbs *Mathews Focus grip w/red stripe *Duravane String Tamer (front mount) *Simms stabilizer *Additional New Mathews Barracuda string & cable included **Sight NOT included** **Rest NOT included** $575 shipped
  18. The Lodge
    Anyone have any tips for Black Friday? Any items you want to pick up? I need to grab a new TV... wondering if I should grab one. But is the stress worth it?
  19. Hunting Gear
    so last night i needed to pick up a new spotlight for hunting this morning...went to wal mart and actually picked up a little led spotlight for 20 bucks. i didn't think it was going to work at all for what i needed, but i was very surprised. its not as intense as a lot of gargantuan...
1-20 of 53 Results