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  1. The Lodge
    A buddy picked me up too go look at these elk at his buddies that we suppose to be nice. NICE wasnt the word for it. There were 10-12 over 400in's (one at 442) and the big boy is a 10x10 that scores over 500in's. They are unreal. I tried to take pix with my phone but it was shi**y. I'm going to...
  2. The Lodge
    Whats the biggest goose you have ever killed or seen killed? I rarely weigh my geese but one time I weighted a huge one that was just under 13.5lbs. If I've killed a bigger one I am unaware of it because I didn't weight it.
  3. The Lodge
    Again I had a Great father and Grand father. But both were railroaders and I never seen them that often. Every 2 weeks for 3-4 days. But i was lucky enuff to have Ben Miller as a neighbor. I couldnt guess his age at the time 70s maybe. But I learned so mush from this man. We went squirell...
  4. Turkey Forum
    After working on my boss for awhile, I finally convinced him to let me take Friday off during peak season. I headed to SE IA with 3 other friends to try to get my 2nd turkey with my bow. First morning Aaron and I set up(Aaron filming) on a bottom and had tons of gobbles behind us. None flew...
  5. Fishing Forum
    Here is a picture of a 3lb 11oz bass that my wife caught at Big Creek yesterday. I, of course, didn't catch a thing. Great day to be out though!
1-5 of 5 Results